Football Manager thread

FM knows it.

(Even if no-one else does) :grin:

You’re City?!

This mobile or the pc version?

I realised of all the years/teams I’ve played FM I’ve never played as one with a proper big transfer budget, biggest being Arsenal.

Wanted to play as Newcastle with their takeover funds, but couldn’t find a database update for FM21 that had that as well as up to date players.

Hate PSG (plus boring league), so that left City.
Haaland and Lautaro with the City squad certainly scores a lot of goals :grin:


Need to get urself some logo packs mate. Beats looking at them horrible logo SI put in.


:100: greatly improves the game, and fairly easy to do.

@HotCrossGuns if you can get the Face Mega pack, the logo mega pack and then the Premier league kits pack.




Newcastle and Watford in FM Mobile save :joy:

So ive decided to try and save Arsenal on FM. Fucked off Edu and the rest of Mikel’s goons. Selling the likes of Elneny, Kolasinac, Chambers, Cedric. Signing Simon Kjaer as my experienced leader at the back. Any more suggestions for a striker boys? We’re in this together!

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Cabral signed him for Boro in the prem he scores for fun.

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Already finished the transfer window when I saw this so will have a look in January.

In regards to changes, bought Bergkamp in as my assistant, Luis Campos is my new DOF, and I’ve signed Simon Kjaer, Maxi Gomez, Sergi Roberto and Jeremie Boga. Sold Chambers, Elneny, Lacazette (to Newcastle :slight_smile:), Cedric, Kolasinac and Mari

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How much budget you got left?.

About 10? I can’t remember lol

Ah yes, back to the simpler days :smiley:

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Poor Chelsea, I’m feeling bad for them now…image


Decent little squad

Whos ur back up GK :joy: of the defence

This is just my CL squad, I also have Livakovic, Bastoni, Fati, Pedro Goncalves, and signing Moukoko on a free when he’s old enough :grin:

Who are ur 4 HG players for the CL?

Some talent signed their you be winning everything.