Football Manager thread

Well done indeed!

Fuck Arsenal 89 points and GD + 44 hopefully one day.


Limped through 1st season without many major signings

Season 2:

Szymanski, Popescu, Nyambe and Bielik survived from this group

Season 3:

Ait Nouri a beast, Doyle managed to sign on loan 4 seasons in a row :laughing: Onyeka my other B2B.
Nketiah was a partially sentimental decision, partially financial investment :upside_down_face:

Season 4:

Gullu goalkeeper regen, signed on a free, now worth £45m
Monaco 19y/o CF regen, 21goals 3 assists in 27 games
James Rodriguez still going strong at 34

Season 5:

With Aarons and Ait Nouri had both full back positions covered.

My best player: CF regen Rennan, 13 goals 3 assists in 14 games since signing January:

So no massive signings, and had to play counter attacking football to give me a chance, not got the level of quality as the rest of the top 4, 8 of my players are 20 or younger.


Some nice young players their ur Boro team should be challenging for awhile

Board won’t increase my wage budget as I’m on “a terrible run of results”.
Last 10 games: W8 D1 L1, including the last game beating Liverpool in the FA cup final.

Never knew Boro had such high standards

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Love resuls like this


8-4 and 10-9 on aggregate is absolutely MENTAL haha

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FM22 newcastle first window transfers budget is insane then another 100mil the following year


Do players still reject you on manager games when you’re plying your trade in the nationwide league ?

depends on who ur trying to sign

Bought FM 22 for mobile today, first time playing this game so pretty excited. The game and UI seem pretty smooth so far.

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FM22, looking at buying it for my laptop.
Haven’t played a laptop version since FM2010.
I have loads of time and it’s getting to that time of year.

Is it any good?

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I mean considering that last you played you definitely took Valencia and conquered Europe with Banega, Mata, Villa, Silva and Joaquin, I’m not sure anything nowadays compares :grin:

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Ah, Valencia with Villa, Mata and Silva. Fiorentina with a pimped out Gilardino, Montolivo and Gamberini. Great version.

Their be a massive difference in the 12years u missed out. But definitely worth getting an their be a fan edit soon where you probably get a FM10 database so you can relieve ur youth

FM’s trolling me…

These are a few of my signings this season:
Lautaro Martinez
Jose Gaya
Sergej Milinkovic-Savic
Joshua Kimmich
:joy: :joy:


How’s FM22?

I didn’t buy it.

The stats side of it looked like the main improvement, but beyond that I realised the main reason I’d be getting it was for the updated players etc.

So I just got a database update for FM21 instead

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