Football Manager thread


That’s exactly how I feel with every incarnation of FM. I just don’t have the interest to manage anyone else.


Played Ramsey at RW in the last two games and he has 3 goals and 4 assists :open_mouth:

Single handidly kept me in the FAC losing 2-0 to Sunderland away and he scores two to get it 2-2 and a replay at Emirates. Then UCL 1st KO home vs Lyon we win 4-1 and he assisted or scored every goal!! He’s playing RW for the rest of the season now :joy:


Wenger knows



45 days to go :heart_eyes:


They have updated the 3d pitch graphics finally!


I’ll get it somewhere in January. I never play it close to release as the game us usually riddled with bugs that ruin my games. Will be playing FIFA 17 non-stop anyway.

Match engine looks good!


Agreed @Bl1nk hardly played FM16 so not getting this one for a while maybe even never.



How amazing would it be if football manager did a cross over or somehow made it possible manage your team using FM and for each game plug into your console and play the matches with the FIFA or PES graphics and gameplay


FM17 Beta is out tomorrow


Football fusion


Can Football Manager 2017 be real life?! @Electrifying


I avoid Italy because of the transfer rules of only 2 non-EU signings per season. This Brexit scenario sounds like something I’d rather not deal with.

Though perhaps on the flip side to that, I enjoyed Russia even though the have a rule where you have to have 4 Russians on the pitch at all times. Which meant improving the youth system and creating WC Russians. Which I did and when I left, Promptly signed them for my new club. :smiley:

Looking forward to managing Dinamo Moscow back to the top flight. :slight_smile:


beta is now live to install


WOW, compete overhaul. Sounds impressive :clap::clap::clap:


Scouting looks impressive and looking forward to seeing how dynamics impacts the team.

Preorder my copy last week so looking forward to starting as Arsenal in my beta save


They never add enough to make me want to buy these incrementally anymore but I’ve been playing 15 on and off since it came out so 3 years later I’m definitely going for this one :grin:


Do they have randomly generated players you can develop through a youth team?


On FM? Yeah. A save goes on and on. If you’re dedicated enough you can go 1000s of years into the future. :joy: Eventually all the recognisable names retire and you have to use regens. Every year you get a new selection of players come into your youth system. Most will be crap one or two if you’re lucky could become stars.

The regens also go into every other club on the game, so you can buy future stars once you’ve scouted them.