Football Manager thread


Trust me.

You don’t.

I’m on my 12th season


You’re probably right, plus it sounds like the perfect app for when you’re commuting or just a little bored. If there’s a free version/demo I’ll definitely check it out to see if it interests me!
I loved the full version though so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to see past that :grin:


I tried the full version but I found it overwhelming tbh.


got it for just over £23
on here

an discount code is BLUEWINTER


I bought it too, but I have fat fingers and couldn’t really get on with it :joy::joy:






Beta is out and gone are the days when FM Arsenal was full off potential 4-5 star kids the only 5 star players is smith-Rowe and behind him is Nketiah 4 an a half star potiental.

£60mil starting budget for Arsenal