Football Manager thread


5 penalties in one game?! That’s about as many as we get all season!


Stop exaggerating things so much, we be lucky if we get 2 in a season! :campbell:


Last game of CL Group Stage so played a few of my backup’s

Giroud madness in the San Siro! :giroud2:


finished my second season the other week took me 11 games to get going but managed to finsh 3rd in the league, went out to Juventus in the semi final of the Cl 4-3 agg.

if any one is looking for a rm/rw have a look at Federico Chiesa from Florentina played 27 games for me with a average rating of 7.40 for me not bad for a 21 year old


My team now. Ousmane Dembele was a free, steal of the century.

Check the CL record :eyes:


Won my 5th league title and CL with Arsenal so resigned for a new challenge, now at Milan trying to build them back up.


I’m still too scared to open this on my laptop in fear of being sacked by Palace.


You doing that bad


I think I bounced back a little, spent a while in 20th up to game 10 or so, I think I was up to about 17th now on game 14 or so. But yeah, I suck at it :grin:



Lol wtf


Penazette doing his thing, he needs the refs to be that happy to point to the spot in real life.


Why did I know you would comment on this :joy:


Dropped my phone in the toilet about a month ago. Lost my FM save. Think I’ll now start a jew game with Everton as they have a pretty decent budget (presumably) but will represent a much bigger challenge than Arsenal was(n’t).

Hopefully the budget means I can sign Embolo/Malcom and/or Pavon (who I had lined up for the January window on my second season of Arsenal)

Edit: lmao thats quite the typo in that first paragraph


Fucking racist! :henry2:


Back in the day when we had a team that wouldn’t let you down


Dennis Bergkamp, so good they cloned him. :poldi:


I haven’t played FM in years because it’s such an in depth game that I just don’t have time to get my moneys worth during term when I’m teaching.

I downloaded the mobile version for the summer though as it was only a fiver and I’m absolutely addicted. I grew up on the old championship manager games where you could get through a season a night if you wanted to and were addicted enough and FM handheld is so much like that. I’ve already gone through 2 seasons. Only won one trophy (it was the CL though!) but absolutely loving it.


That is an absolutely mental formation haha


Wilshere…injured. :wenger2:


I disagree :grin: