Football Manager thread


Ebbsfleet United are selling the PC version for £17.50


Sold out already :smiley:


Godroud! :giroud2:


not long left in my first season

done bollocks in the cups tho but have qualified for the champions league


How you finding the game Sham?


Yea enjoying it. It doesn’t ask too much of you as a manager which is exactly what I want. :grin:

Having more success in my second attempt too. Went the previous season unbeaten and even got Sanchez to sign again towards the end of my first season. Only a three year deal though so he’s getting sold next summer. :slight_smile:


Haha yeah same here. Pretty basic stuff when setting up your team.


UCL 1st Knockout round exit no more! :sunglasses:

Fekir is turning out to be one of my best ever FM signings since I started playing back at FM2005. Guy is :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Even in Football Manager we still always draw Bayern fecking Munich!! That’s me played them in both seasons I’ve been arsenal manager now… :joy::joy::joy:


ooohhhh you are gonna lose 10-2 on aggregate!


Nah I’m not Wenger :wink:


I haven’t bought FM2018 i’m still enjoying my FM2017 BVB save i have built such a strong team that i don’t want to start all over again.


I fucking hate Bayern Munich even in football manager they do me every season!! :angry: Last season they beat me in Europa League final. This season they comeback in the second leg and put me out the CL quarters. CUNTSSSSS

Won the first leg 3-1 thought this is quite a comfortable lead we have here… NO. Lost the second leg 3-0 :cry:


This was a particularly satisfying win. :slight_smile:


My second season done 2018/19

Holded on to the PL for a second season. Also won it at White Hart Lane!!

Won the FA Cup aswell to make it two doubles in two seasons after winning the LC last season.


Does Reine Adelaide and Fortune become any good in FM 2018?


Never play Adelaide, but I’ll tell you what, Nelson is a fucking beast


JRA scored 5 goals for me. Good squad player

Fucking Bayern beat me but can’t beat Tottenham!! Cunts

Thank you Monaco!

That was to close for comfort :disappointed_relieved:

Can’t have them winning the CL before us!!


After 2 successful season in Rome, I move to Arsenal as the big man Wenger’s replacement after he retired.

Unlike in real life he went out on a high, winning the league in 16/17, and a CL cup run in his final season. Unfortunately he lost in the semis to Inter.

Bernardo Silva and Yarmolenko were his signings, he really went on a madness towards the end of his reign :joy:

I signed Fekir after you guys were raving about him, and the others are FM beasts like Ndidi who is a beast destroyer. Kieran Tierney is a good backup LB too. Ozil Alexis very happy here unlike real life :pensive:


I usually start in a lower tier team, but decided to take the reins at Arsenal from the start. Arsène was apointed Director of Football :facepalm: But I fired him instantly, sooo satisfying!

Alexis and Özil both unhappy so I sold them of. Brought in Fekir, Batra, Andre Gomes and Donnarumma (swap deal Ospina + cash). Offloaded Per (new Head of youth development) and Nacho cos I got a superb offer from PSG. Theo went to Everton for €25 mil. Banged a hat trick against me in my 5-3 win lol.
Rather surprised though how highly ranked and good Elneny and Xhaka perform. Cech is also my number 1 choice atm.

Got in a ‘fight’ with Giroud who I tried to sell, but he refused to go to Inter. My best striker now with 18 in 19 games. He scored 9(!?) against Bradford in the cup!

Currently 3 points ahead of United after 28 league games. Still in the EL and FA cup. Lost 2-0 home to Chelsea in the Carabao Cup but I’m hoping to get at least two trophies first season.

Next years transfer targets are Carvalho, Angel Correa and Andrea Belotti.


That Giroud is on roids.