Football League thread


Yes Villa!!


Actually cheered that. Fck off Blues


Crazy game, Grealish deserved that.

He’s handled it exceptionally well.






1-0 Grealish


wtf lol.


1-0 Villa FT. 4 points behind the 6th spot now.



Lot of people running round with knives at the moment, this had the potential to be a whole lot worse.
Sooner or later your going to have to look at an alternative to the easy access onto the pitch. Not proposing the fencing again but it needs addressing.


Midweek’s fixtures today and tomorrow.
Blackburn, Sheffield United, Bristol City and Leeds up at HT, while Bolton draw.
Big wins for Leeds and Sheffield United. The race for first 3 positions is heating up now. Blackburn and Sheffield Wednesday win as well. Bristol City-Ipswich 1-1.


I’ve always wondered why they never tried moats around the pitch.


The guys mates. :joy:


Forest v Villa today. East v west midlands. Another 10 goal thriller?


Norwich, Millwall, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough and WBA up at HT, while Q.P.R. and Derby draw.
Norwich back at the top after beating Hull. Millwall, Preston, Aston Villa, Rotherham and WBA win as well. Derby-Stoke 0-0.


Literally anyone but Villa. :pray:


Begging and praying the blades turn dirty Leeds over at the weekend. If not them cunts will be contaminating the top flight next season. Such a horrible thought that.


Could be worse. Liverpool could win the league and European cup double


Absolutely. Even the West Midlands are better than Liverpool.


Take that over them coming up gladly.