Football League thread


2 games now: Blackburn-Preston and Sheffield United-Rotherham.

1-0 Preston and Sheffield United at HT.

1-0 Sheffield United


Villa v Blues tomorrow at midday.

Shithouse derby


2-0 Sheffield United. They are second atm. Getting very tight at the top. Preston win as well and keep their playoffs hope alive.
Leeds respond to Sheffield United. Bielsa’s team are winning against Bristol. WBA and Middlesbrough are up as well. Derby don’t give up on the playoffs. 1-0 to Sheffield Wednesday. Bolton-Millwall 0-0, Nottingham Forest-Hull City 0-0, Q.P.R.-Stoke City 0-0 and Reading-Wigan Athletic 1-1.


Nottingham Forest 3-0 Hull City

No other result matters


Wimbledon still battling away, 1-0 the Dons :+1:

Unfortunately whenever they manage to win, all the teams above them mostly do as well


Leeds are back in the second place after beating a tricky Bristol City, while WBA seem to have given up. Derby County don’t take advantage of Bristol’s defeat and draw 1-1 against Sheffield Wednesday. Brentford still hoping for the playoffs after winning away to Middlesbrough. Bolton are back in the fight to avoid relegation with a 2-1 win against Millwall. Nottingham-Hull 3-0, Q.P.R.-Stoke 0-0 and Reading-Wigan 3-2.


A fun ending to this match


That match should definitely be featured on 'Sunderland ‘til I die’ the second season


Going to be some battle between Norwich Sheffield United and Leeds for the top 2!


Leeds and Sheffield United play each other next weekend.


I’m kinda looking forward to having Leeds back, they’ve been away for nearly 15 years!

There’s been too many Wigans and Boltons and Readings for too long


Have Luton the longest unbeaten run in Europe?


Birmingham-Aston Villa today. Guess @DavidHillier is happy :poldi:


30,000 brummies effectively under one roof



West Midlands thundercunts!


The Brummie accent is most definitely the worst!


Hmmm, you say that but have you heard the way Tony Pulis says our esteemed club’s name?

It’s cutting


Where was Pulis born?


In a cave in Transylvania


It was like VE Day in Blackpool yesterday :smile:

Sounds like a proper carnival atmosphere. Some of the Blackpool fans on 606 last night were close to tears.