Football League thread


Norwich-Swansea 0-0.


Norwich v Swansea tonight.

Who bloody arranges this fixture on a Fri night?

250 odd miles between em. To put that into context, thats further than Newcastle v Southampton


Norwich isn’t in the West Midlands :thinking:


Haha, ironically, Swansea have to pass the West Midlands to get to Norwich (and the East Midlands, and Cambridgeshire and Norfolk…)


So Swansea pretend to be a fake West Midlands team? :cech:


I’ve been to Swansea for a stag before. Was one of the best nights out I’ve ever had tbh.


The DVLA is also in Swansea. Great city


1-0 Norwich

1-0 Norwich FT. They extend their lead at the top.


Norwich are gay


Norfolk cunts? :thinking:


Don’t watch Norwich back in the Prem, they really offer nothing when they’re in it.


Done some scouting for Arsenal…


anyone worth our while? :giroud:


Aarons looked good today, very raw talent though.

Fresh trim too


I was in Norwich once. It was nice. :slight_smile:


They usually have a nice kit. I always like them or Ipswich in the top flight. Grounds are always decent.


Ipswich are really ailing ATM aren’t they ? Looking down the barrel of heading to League one football ?


Look gone at the moment. The only team we ever lost a cup final to and I never had any ill feeling too. At 12 years old that took some doing by me back then.


Good point that’s a massive away trip. Anywhere to Norfolk feels far, let alone west Wales


Just googled maps it. Under 6 hours to drive from Swansea to Norwich. Tbh Swansea play in a different country to where they are from, they can’t moan about big away trips imo