Football League thread


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Done and don’t ban me.


Milwall 0-1 East Anglian inbred Norwich

Knuckle dragging not quite north but not quite midlands Stoke 1-0 Nottingham Forest


Good for you Dave following football today. I’m finished with football for today :joy:


Dw mate. Once the dust settles, you’ll feel this was much, much better than defeat


Surely Stoke remain the most despicable of all the West Midlands teams.

Altho, there is Villa :thinking:


Just as you say that, Robin, Villa 2-0 Derby


Villa 4 (FOUR)- 0 Derby before HT

Millwall 1-1 Norwich


What odds you get Villa, Blose and the Baggies all in the playoff spots come the end


Done with football if that happens

Stoke 2-0 Forest.

What a shitty day


Aston Villa, Brentford, Hull, Reading, Norwich, Rotherham, Stoke and Swansea win, while Preston and Wigan draw.


The Steel City derby takes place today.
0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT. Nothing to say.


More cunt owners ruining another English team


Fucking sad state of affairs this and being dictated to in your own city to a London rugby club. Good luck to them and their fans.

In better news having got shut of Oyston the prick Blackpool expecting sell out crowd for their first home without him. Respect to the seasiders on that one.
So much more to English football than the Premier League.


Fucking brilliant. I hadn’t realised it had finally happened!!


Yeah there is also going to be a minutes silence for fans and ex players who have passed over the last four seasons.
All being given mentions in the match day programme on Saturday.


Didn’t they go bankrupt some years ago?


Derby-Wigan today.
1-0 Wigan at HT. Derby has been woeful in the last month.
Derby win it in the end.


Woulda been Lampard out if Wigan held out, I’m sure