Football League thread


Lol Paul Lambert! He is finished.


Haha Luca. I’ve never been up there. Farthest east I’ve been in this country is Wisbech.

Really want Ipswich to win this, though. I dont like Norwich


Another team you don’t like :thinking:


It was on the list last week.

As I like to call it, the List of Jericho


Chalobah has had this hairstyle for so long now, i’m starting to think it wasn’t a dare…


Is he Nathaniel Chalobah’s brother? :thinking:


Norwich up at HT.


Fight fight fight


The inbreds now winning 3-0




Good riddance Ipswich.

2-0 Norwich

3-0 Norwich

3-0 Norwich FT. They top the table now. Are you angry, David the hater? :wink: @DavidHillier


I mean, look at their manager, @Luca_from_Italy

Looks like a neanderthal


The Old Farm is hardcore, proper needle with those two. I shouldn’t like Ipswich Town as I’m from Essex but don’t mind them. Just weird seeing them in the third tier as they’ve been in the Championship for about a century


So another ex Fergie player takes on his first management job. How does anyone expect him to do? Great player, but if he’s anything like his punditry, he’ll send the players to sleep. Despite his success, I just don’t think he’ll be a very inspirational figure. Guess we’ll see what happens.


Fantastic the dour bastard has now left BT :raised_hands:


What happens if Salford get promoted? Would that not be a conflict of interest?


He’s already resigned from them earlier today I think


He’s still a shareholder though


Speaking of promotion in the National League, I noticed recently they’ve changed the format. Champions still go up automatically, but instead of 2nd-5th going into play offs, it’s extended down to 7th. But 2nd and 3rd qualify for the play off semis, while 4th-7th go into a Qualification play off round. :gabriel: What an absolute mess of a system.


If he starts from the bottom he can do well, imo.