Football League thread


Leeds 0-0 at HT.


Boro 1-0 Leeds

Lewis Wing


Wasn’t a clean strike. He winged it


Leeds having some troubles recently.

Leeds equalize after 10 minutes of injury time! :rofl:. 1-1 FT.

Derby up against Hull. It could be a tricky game for them, considering Hull’s form. Nottingham winning as well, as Preston, Birmingham and Swansea. Blackburn-Bristol City 0-0, Rotherham-Wigan 1-1 and Sheffield Wednesday-Reading 0-0.


Che Adams Hat trick for Birmingham :giroud3:


Derby and Bristol win, so the battle for the playoffs continues. Nottingham and Birmingham don’t give up though. Bolton look fucked at the bottom. Rotherham-Wigan 1-1, Sheffield Wednesday-Reading 0-0 and Swansea-Millwall 1-0. Stoke-WBA now.
WBA up at HT.
1-0 WBA FT. Good riddance Stoke cunts. Enjoy another year in the Championship.


Qpr 3-4 Birmingham City sounds like the game of the day from the Championship.

West Midland c’nts


Yeah, Birmingham almost did an Arsenal. They were 4-0 up! And QPR missed a 93rd minute penalty to make it 4-4.


Lol! Why do you hate the West Midlands so much? :rofl:


Spend an hour there, Luca.

You’ll see why :wink:


Ok :wink:


Fun fact; I actually went to University there. Still can’t get the smell out


:rofl: You are funny.


Tbh they produced Black Sabbath and invented heavy metal so they get a retrieve come judgement day. It is a soulless part of the country, with very little character though.


And Judas Priest as well. Show them some respect.


and it has Cadbury World. :sunglasses: Sort your lives out!


The East Anglian derby takes place in few minutes.

@DavidHillier, do you like this part of the country at least? :bellend:


The Old Farm derby sounds better than The East Anglian derby :smile: Come on Ipswich!


Ipswich need to win or i guess that’s it for them, but Norwich should be too much for them.


1 minute and 25 seconds Ipswich held out for. Fucking useless team!