Football League thread


Leeds 2-0 up at HT.


I think.I hate Norwich.

Am I allowed to say that, Luca?


Lol! How many clubs do you hate? :rofl:


Manchester United
West Ham
Birmingham City
Preston North End
Real Madrid
Bayern Munich


Only time Tottenham will be top of a league


What a chance for Northwich or Norwich or whatever the away team is called


You are full of rage. Calm down.


I learnt off the best :wink:




0-3 to the inbreds


0-3! :eyes:

Statement win from Norwich this. They’ve been class


Nice goal. Bielsa getting hammered.

Leeds pull one back.

3-1 Norwich FT. They are top of the league on GD now.


Orcs taken down again. Good stuff. Suffer you classless shower of shite.


Aston Villa-Sheffield United today.


‘Mon the Blades.

Another few results going the right way and I’m convinced we’ll be free of Aston Villa for at least another year. Then those parachute payments will stop :+1:


The more they stay in the Championship, the more it is gonna be difficult for them to get out from here.


0-2 Sheffield United!!


Kicked out of the keepers.hands


1-0 Sheffield United at HT.