Football League thread


Oh fuck off! You do hate to many teams in England :rofl:


I only hate the west midlands teams (and Arsenal)


So you do support Tottenham :henry2:


Big game tonight Luca.

Leeds United v Norwich City. 1st v 2nd. 5.30


I am here :kos2:


Both Sheffield United and WBA draw. Birmingham, Blackburn, Hull and Wigan win, instead. Bristol City-Swansea 0-0, Ipswich Town-Sheffield Wednesday 0-0, Millwall-Rotherham 0-0 and Reading-Aston Villa 0-0.
Sheffield United win in the end and go 2nd for some hours. Boro win as well. They are 4th now. Bristol City beat Swansea and are level on points with Derby in the 6th place. Nottingham lose, while only a draw for Aston Villa. Great comeback for Brentford against Blackburn. 5-2 FT. Hull-Stoke 2-0, Millwall-Rotherham 0-0 and Wigan-Q.P.R. 2-1. Leeds-Norwich now for the first place.


Norwich take the lead! @DavidHillier


Watching this over Cardiff Bournemouth


Yes, good free kick Luca


Both of these would be good additions to the Prem imo. Would be good fun to have Leeds back, with respect to whichever guy on here it is that passionately hates them


I do feel these two will go up as champions and runners up. Playoffs a lottery as usual for that last spot


0-2 Norwich

Pukka Pie



Norwich front 3? are straight :fire: that mega run the Norwich guy done before the 2-0 would have been a sensational goal





Tbf he has seen Leeds in the early 70s. They were just like ManYoo were in the 90s, only dirtier


Oops, well if it’s one of the bosses then screw Leeds and plz no ban :laughing: :nerd_face:


Leeds have gotta get in with just a 2 goal deficit at HT. It’s looking dodgy for them


Is it a coencidence that we haven’t won the league since Leeds were relegated from the PL? I think not :wink: For us to win it again we need Leeds back haha


Or we’ve gotta get Valencia to win la Liga again…