Football League thread



Great news for Forest. I sincerely hope they leave O Neill to his own devices and not set him the unrealistic target of “promotion this season or else!”

Forest fans weren’t too displeased with Kranka either tbh


Forrest aren’t far off the playoffs are they?

Would be great if both Leeds and Forrest went up this season. Two big clubs who should be in the PL after their long absences


I think it’s about six points adrift now after a limp display on Saturday after a 1-0 defeat away from home (sounds like someone we know :thinking:) against Reading

But yes you’re right. Leeds and Forest up would be great. West Ham and Southampton going the other way would be even better


4 points behind, having heavily invested in the summer.


Ah Martin O’Neill, @TA-6’s favourite manager of all time :arteta:

Would be cool having the likes of Leeds and Forest back in the top flight. Leeds had a mighty team around 2000 and has felt strange the dimise of the club over the last 15 years. Though I’m quite sure if Leeds do gain promotion, @Leper won’t be too amused by it :smiley:


Bielsa has gathered all the press for an impromptu conference to show them a PowerPoint presentation. What a man.


I absolutely love this tbh. The might of the English media want to get behind that poor little lamb who is Fat Frank who has been wronged (fact is, Leeds looked so much better than Derby on Friday night that with or without spygate, they would have won anyway, in my opinion)

Bielsa has come in. He’s said yes, I’ve spied. Furthermore, I’ve spied for ages. There IS no law. There’s not even a simple trespassing law on this.

Sky and BBC so want Bielsa to be wrong. They just can’t have their way, haha


Norwich-Birmingham today.
3-1 Norwich at HT.

1-0 Norwich

1-1 Birmingham

2-1 Norwich

3-1 Norwich

3-1 Norwich FT.


Fuck Leeds, the awful, awful cunts.


Hull, Derby, Millwall and Preston up at HT, while all the others draw.



Blackburn, Derby, Bristol, Preston, Brentford, Sheffield Wednesday and Stoke win. Hull and Middlesbrough draw, instead. Swansea-Sheffield United now.


Fuck Leeds and yeah I know its Stoke. Cavemen over inbreds everyday of the week.


1-0 Swansea FT.


Good weekend for Norwich City by the looks of it.

Wouldn’t mind them winning promotion, or someone like Derby or a newbie like Bristol City. Just not Middlesbrough (boring) or Villa (it’s Villa) plz


I swear Norwich are in a constant cycle of promotion, stay up for a season or two then get relegated and either come back up automatically straight away or come back after a few seasons haha


Norwich are a good yo-yo club example, but I think (without checking) the ultimate yo-yo club has to be West Brom.

Up and down at least 4 or 5 times since the turn of the millennium


Yeah I’m not that particularly enthused if Norwich go back up again pretty much for the reasons you state Calum. Kinda too good for championship but not good enough for Premier League. Same as West Brom really. But I guess the other options currently around top 6 isn’t too appealing.

I’d quite like to see Sheffield United go up possibly, Chris Wilder is doing an outstanding job with them.


Yeah WBA used to be but there last PL stay lasted 8 years so can’t really call them one anymore haha