Football League thread


The one where they handballed it into the net for a 1-0 win?

(It doesn’t hurt any more…honest)


Never forget that one. Obviously it doesn’t guarantee it but that was a 3 point swing that would have won us the title.


If I remember correctly, with 1998/99, we had a fair deal to be pleased about, but it wasn’t an enthralling season. We were undefeated at home and, as you’ve quite rightly said, only conceded 17 in the league all season (astonishing. I’m not sure that’s ever been bettered)

I think there was a run of about 6 games where we didn’t win! Only a 1-0 home win against Everton (early goal by Anelka) set us right again


Leeds sent someone to spy on Derby :laughing:

It has since been confirmed to Derby County that the individual concerned is an employee of the footballing staff at Leeds United Football Club.


Think Chelsea bettered us with Mourinho’s first season when they conceded 15 goals. Shows there was a time though that Wenger had a good balance between defence and attack it’s a shame that was long gone by the end.


Bielsa :rofl:


Karanka has left forest after asking for his contract to be terminate


Following José again?




I bet there’s no explicit rule against it, yet. :grin:


Leeds up at HT.


I like his “I always do it, and what?!” attitude. Didn’t he use to send youth team players to climb trees overlooking the rival teams’ training grounds? :speak_no_evil:


2-0 Leeds FT. Do you remember Carson? :giroud:


Man when Bielsa teams click the football is legitimately lovely to watch. A football legend no doubt and I’d love to see him take Leeds up.



Bielsa is a madman but I fucking love him. When it clicks for his teams it’s a work of art. He’ll certainly be a lot of fun in the premiership, with it either going extremely well or an utter combustion.


We need to sign Bradley Dack

@Phoebica will be up for this


Well, I would have been. But he’s somewhat of a Z lister on the celeb scene now that he’s dating Olivia Attwood, who was on Love Island. She’s an over sharer and posted a picture of him eating cereal on the toilet, kinda put me off him a bit :laughing:


I had to see this picture. I wish I hadn’t :expressionless:


Norwich draw against WBA in today’s big match so Sheffield United reach them in the 2nd place. Middlesbrough win as well. Both Nottingham and Villa lose badly. Brentford climbing up the table, while Ipswich beat Rotherham to keep hope to stay up. Bristol City-Bolton 2-1, Hull City-Sheffield Wednesday 3-0 and Preston-Swansea 1-1. Millwall-Blackburn now.
Blackburn win 2-0.