Football League thread


Leeds went 1-2 down against Blackburn in the 89th minute. They’ve just won 3-2!

Norwich, who haven’t lost since like the Roman empire seemingly have been humbled at home by the mighty Forest 1-3

What a league. The Championship is blown wide open!


Ah fck off. Norwich have made it 3-3


You’re an Arsenal fan, you should surely know by now not to brag until it is absolutely definitely all over :laughing:

Leeds though… Second game in 4 days Roofe has scored a 95th minute winner for them. Amazing stuff.


Interesting league at the top. Didn’t think Norwich could surprise in this way. They score and concede a lot. Ipswich and Reading look fucked, instead.


I didn’t realise WBA’s mascot was a fucking boiler… seems like the crowd have really warmed to him.



We should sign him. Can’t possibly be as terrible as Leno.


Big match between Leeds and Derby today.


You have to call them by their proper name, which is Frank Lampard’s Derby


Hope leeds win. They mauled Derby last time off. Wheels have come off a bit recently, though


To me Leeds are a Premier League team and should be there. I’d love to see them playing in the top flight again despite the fact one of my lasting memories of them is seeing them end our title hopes in 2003 when they beat us 3-2 at Highbury.

Always a bit of a bogey team for us but much rather Leeds in the PL than dross like Huddersfield and Cardiff.


But we always beat them 1-4 away :wink:

(Check the stats, it’s uncanny)

But I get your point. Leeds, Forest and the Villa should be up


Think there was a stretch between 2000 and 2003 where we only beat them in 1 or 2 of the 6 or so games we played and I guess as those were my growing years that’s my defining memory of the Arsenal-Leeds rivalry




Wow, that is really surprising! Forest weren’t doing too bad this season, relatively speaking (based on previous seasons). Given the very small gap between 1st and 8th in that division, Forest had a shout at automatic promotion, let alone the play offs.

I think he’s been forced to quit.


Won’t forgive Leeds for Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink’s late header at Elland Road in the 98/99 season.

But yeah in all seriousness they’re a premier league club.


We were such a bunch of nearly cunts. A win away from how many titles :santi:


The titles Wenger should have won but didn’t are 1999, 2003 and 2008.

1999 we were by far the best team defensively. Think we conceded something like 16 or 17 goals and it was stupid losses to teams like Wimbledon that finished us. 2003 we played the best football and were a shoe-in to win but collapsed and the less said about 2008 the better.

I would have included 2014 and 2016 but we were criminally bad in the second half of both seasons.


99 was such a shit, weak league. No wonder United won the treble, they won the league title on 79 points


It has been quite a balanced league, tbh. No one can get way with it.