Football League thread


Norwich should go back to the top today. Home against Rotherham. No bother


Rotherham are unbeaten in their last 7 games though.


Big surprise in Norwich. Rotherham are leading against the leader. Easy wins for Nottingham and Derby so they enter into the playoffs zone. Hull, Blackburn and Reading up as well. Bolton-Wigan 1-1 and Birmingham-Preston 0-0.
Good comeback from Norwich to remain top of the league. Derby, Nottingham and Birmingham win as well. They are all in the playoffs zone. Good wins for Blackburn and Hull… Bolton-Wigan 1-1 and Reading-Stoke 2-2. Middlesbrough-Aston Villa now.
Villa up at HT.
3-0 Villa FT! Massive away win!


Great song for him haha. Also GOLAZOOO!!


Bristol City 0-0 at HT.


West Brom draw 1-1 with Brentford thanks to a last minute equaliser by the Bees.

Baggies up to third and Brentford up to…ahh f*** it. It just ain’t the same without Luca :pensive:



So Leeds United might actually get promoted after 14 or 15 years out of the Premier League ?


The Championship has been great to watch this season. Lots of talent and there have been many superb games. Just watched the Villa v Leeds game, Leeds were 2-0 down with just over half hour to go and ended up winning 3-2 with a 95th minute winner! Incredible scenes.

It’s weird seeing that kind of fixture in the second flight while Bournemouth v Brighton is being played in the PL.


Great game @Phoebica

If Forest can beat Norwich on Boxing Day, this league is blown wide open yet again


Was a good result, i know Villa’s return to the top flight in the near future is somewhat inevitable but if they can be kept down another season or two and lose the parachute payments then they might just go away for a while


Why do you hate Aston Villa?


Shit on the Villa


I don’t “hate” Aston Villa. I have various gripes with them over the years mainly relating to trips there as an away supporter. They’re known for having some of the most heavy-handed stewarding when they were in the Premier League. I also don’t like them for being one of the first clubs to move away supporters from behind the goal. Oh and John Terry resides there. The prosecution rests, your honour :+1:


I think of the modern Villa fondly because their most recent season up we beat like like 15-0 across three matches, including the easiest FA Cup final of all time against Sherwood :joy:



Mixed thoughts on Villa park because the significant games their I remember were semi finals.


Brentford, Bolton and Preston must be gutted they didn’t get a fancy Serbian name


I didn’t realise ipsvic had gone so shit. Should have kept big Mick.


You should hear their commentators. Even to a Bulgarian it sounds pretty funny. They call Shaqiri Shadzhiri. Cracks me up every time, although it might actually be the proper pronounciation since he is Albanian and the Serbs should know how it is pronounced.