Football League thread


2-2 FT between Rotherham and Sheffield United.

1-0 Sheffield United

1-1 Rotherham

2-1 Sheffield United

2-2 Rotherham


Not really boro have boring pulis In charge


Norwich keep flying high, as they are 3-1 up against Swansea. Derby, Preston and Bolton up as well. All the others draw, instead.
Norwich thrash Swansea to keep the lead at the top of the table. Leeds temporary reach the 2nd place. Derby doing well as well, as they beat Sheffield Wednesday away. Stoke still struggling, as it’s only 2-2 against Q.P.R. Hull-City-Nottingham 0-2, Millwall-Bolton 1-1, Preston-Blackburn 4-1 and Wigan-Reading 0-0. Brentford-Middlesbrough now.
2-1 Boro FT. Back in the second place.


Birmingham derby takes place today.
2-1 Villa at HT.

1-0 Birmingham

1-1 Villa

2-1 Villa

4-2 Villa FT.

3-1 Villa

3-2 Birmingham

4-2 Villa


@Electrifying what a goal from fucking Alan Hutton!! :joy::joy: :clap:


Sounds like a cracking midlands derby.


Does he still play for Scotland?


Don’t think so.

Edit: from Wikipedia

Scotland manager Gordon Strachan said in November 2016 that Hutton had retired from international football.



Midweek’s fixtures today and tomorrow.
Sheffield United, Preston and Rotherham up at HT, while the others draw.
Norwich’s great run is over. Only 0-0 against Hull City. Leeds take advantage of it, as they are only 1 points behind the top now. Boro draw. Brentford-Sheffield United 2-3, Sheffield Wednesday-Bolton 1-0 and Rotherham-Q.P.R. 2-2.


Think I should have opted to watch Villa v Forest instead of the CL. 3-3 after 35 minutes… :cech:


Superb 3-3 between Aston Villa and Norwich at HT! Important lead for Ipswich, instead. Birmingham, WBA, Wigan and Stoke up as well.


5-4 to Villa.

Come on Forest, FFS


5-5 lol!


Ridiculous match. Forest have only had 5 shots on target too. The Villa keeper is their weak link for sure.


Gotta love the Championship


That was crazy between Villa and Nottingham! 5-5! Ipswich look fucked, instead. Birmingham, WBA, Wigan and Stoke win.


Hahaha I was more fascinated checking the Villa vs Forest scores than I was the CL scores, must admit that’s a first.


That Chelsea kid looks great. 4 goals for him yesterday.


Sheffield United-Leeds at 12:30.
1-0 Leeds FT. What a fucking mistake!