Football League thread


Aston Villa up against Swansea. It would be a massive win for them. Q.P.R., Nottingham and Reading up as well. All the other draw.
WBA miss the chance to go top, as they lose against Wigan. Nottingham and Brentford lose as well, while Norwich are coming back in style. Aston Villa back to the winning way against Swansea. Hull City-Preston 1-1, Ipswich-Q.P.R. 0-2, Reading-Millwall 3-1, Rotherham-Bolton 1-1 and Stoke-Birmingham City 0-1. Derby County-Sheffield United now.
1-1 at HT.
2-1 Derby FT.


Midweek’s fixtures today and tomorrow.


Forest ain’t playing today. Allow.


Aston Villa, Q.P.R. and Blackburn up at HT. All the others draw.
Both Sheffield United and Middlesbrough draw so Norwich are just 2 points behind now. Birmigham, Millwall, Q.P.R. and Swansea win as well.


Leeds, Preston, Nottingham and Derby up at HT, while Bristol City draw.


There are only 6 points between Leeds in 1st and QPR in 13th in the Championship.

And we thought the Premiership was competitive!


Wins for Bristol City, Leeds, Preston, Nottingham and WBA.


Looks like Leeds found one of the petrol stations in Yorkshire @Phoebica @Luca_from_Italy


Ahah yeah. The Championship is very balanced though. There are 13 teams in 6 points!



Leeds have now been bombarded with messages from angry American teenagers


Cool. Only in the UK :hipster:


Q.P.R.-Aston Villa today.
Q.P.R. up at HT.

Q.P.R. win. Villa are having a crap season.


Middlesbrough-Derby at 12:30.
Derby up at HT.

1-1 FT.


Sheffield United and WBA up. The same thing goes for Norwich, Stoke, Hull City, Millwall, Preston e Swansea. Birmingham-Sheffield Wednesday 1-1.

Final results:

Birmingham - Sheffield Wed 3:1
Bolton - Hull 0:1
Bristol City - Stoke 0:1
Millwall - Ipswich 3:0
Norwich - Brentford 1:0
Preston - Rotherham 1:1
Sheffield Utd - Wigan 4:2
Swansea - Reading 2:0
West Brom - Blackburn 1:1

Sheffield United back to the top, while WBA are still struggling. Norwich on a high. Leeds-Nottingham now.
Nottingham up at HT.
1-1 FT.


Thieving cheating yorkshire cunts. Clear fucking handball on that Leeds goal.


Aston Villa-Bolton today.
Aston Villa up at HT.

2-0 Villa FT.


WBA going through a big crisis atm, as they are losing again. Sheffield United can’t take advantage of it, as they drawing against Nottingham. Derby, Ipswich and Swansea win, instead. All the others draw.
This league is just crazy and unpredictable. Sheffield United lose so they can’t extend their lead at the top. Norwich take advantage of it to go top of the league before Leeds and Boro play. Brentord back to the winning way thanks to a 2-0 against Millwall, while WBA lose again. Swansea lose as well. Reading-Bristol City 3-2, Derby County-Birmingham City 3-1, Ipswich-Preston 1-1 and Blackburn Rovers-Q.P.R. 2-0. Stoke City-Middlesbrough now.
0-0 FT.


Leeds beat Wigan and are back to the top along with Norwich.


The Steel City Derby takes place today.
0-0 at HT.


Good penalty save