Football League thread


0-0 at HT.


Pretty shit game then?


Well they’re playing Pulis dunno what everyone expected haha


0-0 FT. Typical Pulis. Wanted a point, got a point.


Fckin jinxed it didn’t I


Pity they didnt nick that Boro. Well done Tony throwing a speed bump in the road there. Out the LC and dropping points tonight. Keep it going you yorkishire inbreds.


I live less than a mile from Elland Road and all of my friends and family are mostly Leeds fans. It’s hard not getting swept up in their excitement and enthusiasm.


Always liked their stadium, as it’s old-fashioned. Hope to see them back in the Premier League next season.


WBA up against Stoke in the clash between the two newly-relegated teams. Villa getting thrashed away to Sheffield United, instead. Brentford, Sheffield Wednesday and Derby up as well. All the others draw.
WBA win the big kick off against Stoke. Bad defeat for Villa against a rampant Sheffield United, instead. Wigan in the playoffs zone thanks to the 1-0 win against Rotherham. Brentford, Derby and Sheffield Wednesday win as well. Preston-Bolton 2-2 and Birmingham-Q.P.R. 0-0. Millwall-Swansea now.


Tasty ending to the Southend Charlton game


Swansea 0-0 at HT.
2-1 Swansea FT. Great win, despite being down to 10 men.


Ipswich-Norwich and then Bristol City-Blackburn today.
Ipswich up atm. 1-1 FT.


I feel a small amount of satisfaction when the Old Farm Derby is at the same time as the Old Firm Derby :grin:


Bristol thrash Blackburn 4-1.


I thought they had sorted all their problems out.


Remember when Blackburn Wigan and Bolton were in the PL for years? You wouldn’t know with all three being in League 1 in recent years.

Hope they never come back. Boring clubs


I quite like Blackburn. They’re not the same team they were. And they certainly weren’t boring last season – albeit they were in League 1. But even this season, despite being one of the promoted teams, they still have one of the best players in the Championship in Bradley Dack. I have a soft spot for Tony Mowbray too. I wouldn’t mind seeing them come up, though I don’t see it happening.

As for Bolton. Could tell something was going on when Karl Henry tweeted this the other day:

They might end up with a points deduction. Hopefully they can sort it out though. I never want to see “big” clubs collapse even if I have had a hate/hate relationship with them.


Would be a shame to see Bolton go into adminstration after how well they have start the league this season


My main memory from Bolton was staying up to 430am to watch us lose the late game a few times in the mid to late 2000s…


They have already gone into administration in the past.