Football League thread


It’s early days, but going of the first 4 games Stoke are not coming back. They are heading to their 2nd loss against Wigan.


Even the official account is annoyed with Stoke :smile:

It’s a 46 game season so there is still time plenty of time and I expect Stoke will turn it around. But I watched their game tonight and they looked disorganised and under-coached (sounds familiar), not to mention there was a serious lack of pace – though that could be to do with the players just not looking interested.

Whatever the question, Gary Rowlett isn’t the answer.


What the hell is going on at Stoke ? Just saw the lineup they had and that looks like a top 2 or 3 side in the championship :joy:


I think it’s the same thing that happens at all these relegated sides. Those who stick around get a wage cut and give less of a fuck. The disparity didn’t used to be so great which is why we used to see teams bouncing up and down a bit more regularly. Have a team other than Newcastle come right back up in the last 5 years?

Edit: I think Norwich and Burnley did too actually.


My boy Jack :blush:

Rowett also admitted there had been a bust-up at half-time between goalkeeper Jack Butland, captain Ryan Shawcross and James McClean.


Nice to see the Riverside well attended on a friday night. Good and loud crowd


Very good signing from Villa.

They really have no excuses to not be promoted this season


That’s what everyone said last season. With their recruitment last summer, JT etc, it was seen as a “now or never” season for them.

They’re good in attack, but their defence is weaker this season – they look pretty disjointed at times (that will happen when they’re all being played out of position!) - an injury to Chester would fuck them up pretty bad.


Charlton game having to be stopped as unable to play.

The reason - crisps on the pitch!!!


It looks a 2-horse race atm, with Middlesbrough being favourites. Let’s see if Leeds can keep it up. The most important thing is Stoke to stay down though :smile:


Bielsa’s army are favourites

They play each other on Friday night though, so we’ll see


I don’t trust Bielsa to last for the whole season.


Leeds keeping a manager for a whole season will be progress. Hope they implode.Hate the scummy cunts.




Bristol City fans belting out “God Save the Queen” at kick off away at Swansea yesterday… Love it!!

Why does he love it? It’s the most boring awfulest national anthem ever. I cringe anytime its sung. :fearful:


Probably not as much as I cringe every time British people boo it.


Big match between Leeds and Middlesbrough today. It’s the first stern test for Bielsa.


Stoke was supposed to be a stern test. Derby was supposed to be a stern test. We got this :sunglasses:

Hope Bielsa batters Pulis (not literally. Let it be noted i don’t condone violence).


Well, of course. Football vs. anti-football.


Should be a great game tonight