Football League thread


Bielsa already running the show. His teams tend to start well though. I still remember when he was leading the table with Marseille just to collapse in the last 2 months.


Hehehe and stay down!


Hope they do face another relegation battle. They don’t belong to the Premier League anymore.


Birmingham and Swansea play today.
Swansea 0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT. Swansea have started the season well, considering they have sold half of the team in the summer.


Middlesbrough marching on thanks the 2-0 against Bristol. Millwall also up against a Derby side who haven’t started really well. The same thing goes for Blackburn and Wigan, while all the others draw.



Very happy for him.


Mind you, his goal isn’t looking like much of an achievement now – they won 7-1. I could have scored – QPR are shit!


WBA thrash Q.P.R. The Baggies have entered into the Championship mode after a difficult start. Leeds and Boro marching on as well. They look the 2 best teams in the league atm. Aston Villa draw, instead. Blackburn, Millwall, Bolton and Sheffield United win as well. Wigan-Nottingham 2-2. Preston-Stoke now.
Stoke 2-1 down at HT.
2-2 FT.


Brentford-Sheffield Wednesday today.



or could severely piss them off


It hasn’t helped them so far… If Norwich want to upset and distract the opposition, then they would be better off hanging Delia Smith’s nudes on the away changing room wall!


That would get my testosterone flowing.


Jamie Olivers the naked chef though.


Good to see Steve McClaren and QPR bouncing back from their 7-1 thrashing at the weekend

Hope he hasn’t bothered unpacking yet


Tony Fernandez has really done a number on QPR, I don’t care how good his intentions were or how many games he attends he’s ruined the club with his recklessness.

Keeps looking for fast short cuts rather than slow organic development. The club has/had alot of potential


At least Colchester are flying high though :sunglasses:




McLaren is truly an awful manager. How does he still get jobs lol