Football League thread


luca wtf :joy: You started the food chat haha the you can’t have walks was only banter. I thought the :wink: would have given it away


Are Forest winning, Luca?


Sorry, i am nervous these days.


No, WBA have just equalized.


Ergh, what a shame


That game is pretty incredible. Certainly wasn’t expecting this good of a game when I tuned in.

Forest almost scored a fabulous goal too


Plenty of goals like this one, tbh.


Middlesbrough win, while WBA draw.


That tweet is a lie. That goal would have been ok.


On Sky Sports they said “That would have been goal of the century”


That goal might have been goal of the week. In the championship.

Typical sky hype. :xhaka:


Surprise surprise! An english media overhyping something english :xhaka:


Worth while reading this thread tbh.


Sad this is happening to a great South London club


Sad. When I first got into football in early 00’s Charlton were a top 10 PL club


My local team. Sad story it is. I used to love going to Charlton games they often did £5 tickets.


Villa drawing against Wigan, while Stoke, Swansea, Hull and Middlesbrough are up. Blackburn-Millwall, Bolton-Bristol City, Norwich-WBA, Nottingham-Reading, Q.P.R.-Sheffield United and Rotherham-Ipswich draw as well



First win in the league for WBA thanks to a crazy 4-3 against Norwich. Stoke still struggling, instead. Only 1-1 against Brentford. Swansea, Middlesbrough, Aston Villa, Nottingham, Sheffield United and Rotherham all win. Blackburn-Millwall 0-0, Bolton-Bristol City 2-2 and Sheffield Wednesday-Hull City 1-1.
Meanwhile, Leeds up against Derby. 2-1 Leeds at HT.


Frank got Lamped hard…

I’m gonna be in the money when Leeds win the league :sunglasses: