Football League thread


I like it when he says Half Time results. :heart_eyes:

(I mean it Luca, not hating)


Hopefully Stoke get relegated again. Shawcross in League 1 would be brilliant.


Great football from Leeds


YES! 2-0!


Game on


Not for long…

Barry Douglas does what Barry Douglas does. Don’t really know why Wolves let him go to be honest. I had him earmarked for my fantasy team too :santi:


3-1 Leeds FT. Enjoy your fucking life in the Championship, you thugs.



How was Ruben Neves for Wolves in the championship last season?

Does he look like the real deal?


He was the best player in the entire league IMO (though he came second in the voting behind Sessegnon, which I strongly disagreed with) It was clear from the off that he was too good for that division. But yeah, looks the real deal to me. Why? You suggesting Arsenal buy him? :smile:


Always a great character lol! :rofl:


Haha maybe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Villa 1-1 at HT against Hull.
Villa win 3-1 in the end.


Two games today: Middlesbrough-Sheffield United and Nottingham-WBA.


boro winning 3 nil
forest still nil nil

looks like @Luca fallen to sleep


Sorry, i went for a walk. Can i, you tool? :xhaka:


Nope we expect the scores on a regular basis Luca! :wink:


Go and eat an angus.


Only if you go eat some Spaghetti Bolognese


So boring this hate against me, but i go on because i do love football.