Football League thread


Terry’s face :joy::joy:. fucking priceless


Guess he won’t be needing that clause in his contract to prevent him playing against Chelsea :joy:


Terry :xhaka:


I actually would have quite liked to see JT back in the PL – probably in the minority there.

Would also like to see Grealish in the Prem, he’s really come along this season.

But I like Fulham too, so not that bothered.


Fuck off JT you filthy cunt, very pleased Fulham got up.


Best result of the day, other than that minor vote across the Irish Sea :speak_no_evil:

Craven Cottage for me again next season :sunglasses:


Might see you there hopefully! :grin:


Yep it’s a great little ground :+1: Hopefully it’s in August/September when the weather’s still nice and I won’t be too fat


The most important vote I’ve ever taken part in. Momentous day here and the country feels it.


The League One playoffs final is today. Hope Shrewsbury can make it.


You got a bit of love for the Shrews?


Wee team who were supposed to get relegated at the start of the season and now are fighting for promotion.



Rotherham are promoted to the Championship. The dream is over for Shrewsbury.

The winning goal


Coventry are back to the League One.


Wasn’t much of a contest to be honest, Coventry were on top from the start.

The team sheets for this game were great, though.

5 Jordans started the game. And then there were another 4 on Coventry’s bench!


All the goals:

1-0 Coventry

2-0 Coventry

3-0 Coventry

3-1 Exeter

4 great goals!


Happy to see Coventry go up, they were in the EPL when I started following football.


A taste of what to expect from Wolves next season.

The number 1 goal from Rúben Neves is just wow :fire: