Football League thread


Neither did I but when it’s the championship play off final is very different. One of the best games of the season to watch and it’s the biggest one in years with two big ex PL teams fighting it out for a return


Rotherham reach the final against Shrewsbury.


Exeter-Lincoln for the League Two playoffs semifinals today.
Exeter reach the final.


Notts County-Coventry for the second League Two playoffs semifinal today.
Coventry qualify to the final.


Could they not have just done some washing?


Fulham-Aston Villa for the last promotion spot today. C’mon Fulham!


Very high tempo so far.
Bettinelli could have costed Fulham a goal with that risky pass here.



Class finish and assist :clap:


Come on Fulham!!


WHAT A PASS! Great goal!



Villa lack quality.


Well Fulham should be down to 10 men. Proper filth, that.


1-0 Fulham

That was a good chance for Villa. Should have done better.


Big fan of the guy in the crowd wearing this old school kit :ok_hand:


1-0 Fulham at HT. They got it in the pocket. Villa lack so much quality to provide a real threat.



Welcome back to the PL!


Yes Fulham! They are finally back!


At least Sessegnon is likely to stay with Fulham for at least another season now


Bloody hell Villa :(:disappointed: