Football League thread


This may sound silly but does the away goal rule apply in the play-offs?



They abolished that rule years ago


GET IN!!! So deserved! Fulham are fantastic! Great header!

Big chance for Derby to pull one back here.
This game is crazy! Both defence look so shaky.


Looking like more Playoff heartbreak for Derby County lol, how many times has it happened in the last few years ?


Come on Derby for heavens sake


Are you from Derby? Or do you just like them?


It’s an easier away fixture for me to get to.

Besides, I’d love to say “derby match” before we play them. (The old jokes are the best’uns)


Yes Fulham! Deserved! They are so strong at home.


Derby are a bigger club. Fulham are a shithouse sugar daddy funded tinpot club

grabs coat, but grabs popcorn to see what he might have started here


Fulham deserved it, but that dive from Kamara was utterly pathetic

“Hmm should I run past the keeper, score into an open net and seal the game for my team? or should I dive and cheat and try and get their keeper sent off? Yes definitely the second one”


Unfortunately for him, the dive was embarrassing. Should be sent off for that level of cheating, not just booked.


I’d be amazed if anyone gave a shit. :smile:


Really wanted Wolves, Villa and Fulham to come up, that’d have been perfect.

Since Cardiff ruined that, either Villa or Fulham will do, just not fucking Derby or Boro.


Still can’t believe Cardiff won promotion to be honest, let alone automatic promotion. That team on paper is shit – probably the weakest team to get promoted in at least 5 years – tells you something about the amazing job Colin has done there to get them playing like that. That’s why he deserves to be in the conversation for manager of the season.

But they’re going to need to sign about 8 or 9 better players if they have any hope of staying in the PL next season.


Villa-Middlesbrough today.
0-0 at HT.


Aston Villa vs Fulham is some final. Looking forward to it!


Yeah, the two best teams out there. Deserved.

Another pitch invasion!




What’s wrong with it?

Two good teams who finished 3rd and 4th.

Should be a good game. Looking forward to watching it


Rotherham-Scunthorpe for the League
One playoffs today.


Well I never gave a shit about that fixture when. It was a mid table PL battle so I still don’t is all. :slight_smile: