Football League thread


Middlesbrough-Aston Villa and the other football league playoffs today.


Come on boro


Nah, come on Villa

Tony Pulis can fuck off


The Championship playoffs

Middlesbrough-Aston Villa 0-1

The League One playoffs:

Scunthorpe United-Rotherham United 2-2

The League Two playoffs:

Lincoln City-Exeter 0-0
Coventry City-Notts County 19:30

As expected, Villa look favourite to win the promotion.


Tranmere back in the football League with a 2 1 win after going down to ten men in the first few minutes.
Like the fact they still run out to the Rockford files tune.


Looked a hoot


Coventry-Notts County 1-1.


Villa’s goal


I want a Fulham vs Aston Villa championship play off.


Shrewsbury-Charlton for the League One playoffs semifinal return leg today.
Shrewsbury reach the League One playoffs final! The dream is still alive!



Fulham-Derby today.
Quite a nice game so far. Both sides giving it a go.
Oh massive chance for Fulham here!
Mitrovic very close! Fulham deserve the lead now.
Fulham are playing Derby off the park atm.
Lol! Derby almost score on counter. It would have been so undeserved.


Not looking like Fulham’s night

Great save from Scott Carson though. GET HIM ON THE PLANE!


Forgot about this? :mustafi: European Championship 2008 qualifying against Croatia.


Well well, Sessegnon.


Finally! Deserved!


That’s a really nice finish


Fulham looking for the 2nd.
Chance for Derby now.
Fulham play way better than many Premier League teams.


It really will be a shame if Fulham don’t get promotion. But I still think it’ll be Aston Villa – aside from Wolves, they have the best starting XI. There are better players at other clubs, but man for man and in terms of balance Villa are pretty solid. John Terry has had a massive influence on them, on and off the field.

I’m sure JT back in the Prem is something we can all get on board with :sunglasses:



What a header! 2-0 Fulham