Football League thread


Yes Barnet! A lot of Arsenal fans follow Barnet as well, they’ve given themselves a great shout now on the final day


Cardiff beat Hull and are back in the 2nd place. Aston Villa draw with Derby so they will finish 4th. Preston with a massive away win to go only 2 points behind the 2nd place, while Brentford are out, as they lose 2-0 against Barnsley. The Yorkshire outfit are still in the race to stay up. The same thing goes for Burton, with the 2-0 win against Bolton. Reading run the risk of getting relegated again. 4-0 home defeat against Ipswich. Nottingham-Bristol City 0-0, Q.P.R.-Birmingham 3-1, Wolverhampton-Sheffield Wednesday 0-0 and Norwich-Leeds 2-1. Middlesbrough-Millwall now.

Wycombe have been promoted to the League One.

1-0 Middlesbrough at HT.


Millwall can’t make the playoffs now :pensive:


Boro win and qualify to the playoffs.


So a 50% chance of getting Villa back or an already boring Middlesbrough managed by Pulis :smile:

Pray for Fulham


Wouldn’t mind Villa tbf. I’ve enjoyed watching them this season. Still hoping Fulham manage to get the automatic place – but can’t see Cardiff dropping points to Reading.

The relegation battle is more exciting. One game left and still five teams fighting to avoid those last two spots :grimacing:


Reading are not safe yet :grimacing:




Coleman’s been sacked by Sunderland F.C.


How ungrateful are they?

He took that job when no one else would touch it with a barge pole. And apparently he even offered to take a paycut in League One!

He’s better off out of it. Shouldn’t have taken the job in the first place.


From bad to worse for them lol!


Sunderland are a mess. I was going to say they badly need a takeover but was just reading there that the takeover is actually completed so it’s probably fair enough if new owners are in that they want to install their own manager. If they get it wrong though they could be truly fucked.


Was he definitely sacked, or maybe was there a clause agreed in the contract that he leaves in the event of relegation?


He was sacked he was willing to stay on an take a pay cut


Last round-up in the League One and the League Two today.


League One looked to be all but done, but then i read this. A play off to get into the play off. Please let this happen :pray:

If Charlton lose 4-0 at Rochdale and Plymouth win 2-0 at Gillingham, both sides will have identical records for the season. A tie-breaker match would then be held on Monday between the sides to determine who finishes in the play-offs.


FFS Coventry. Scored 11 goals in their previous three games! Couldn’t even be bothered to score 1 today – which would have saved Barnet.

Stupid penises!

Must be gutting to be relegated on GD, but all things considered – a good job was done by Martin Allen. They were dead and buried when he came along (again) and then won 13 out of 15 points available.


So cruel to get relegated on GD, especially after the run Barnet had in the last month.

League Two’ verdicts:

Promoted: Accrington, Luton and Wycombe
Playoffs: Exeter City, Notts County, Coventry City and Lincoln City
Relegated: Barnet and Chesterfield

League One’ verdicts:

Promoted: Wigan and Blackburn
Playoffs: Shrewsbury Town, Rotherham United, Scunthorpe United and Charlton Athletic
Relegated: Bury, MK Dons, Northampton and Oldham.


A pitch invasion on the last day of the season to celebrate league survival always brings a smile to my face :slightly_smiling_face:

This one was made even better because the guy who scored the winning goal to keep Rochdale in the division is the one who has beaten cancer. Twice.

Guess you can call that the Beautiful Game.


Lol fuck them