Football League thread


Up the tics!


Luton Town promoted as well, as Accrington this week.


Bristol City v Hull. 5-5!!! Good work, lads.


Some updates from the League One and the League Two, as you say i don’t care about these leagues :xhaka:


So happy for brave plucky little Burton, tho I fear it may still not be enough :frowning:


Cardiff 1-0 up at HT.
Cardiff win and are back in the 2nd place.


Derby-Cardiff and Nottingham-Barnsley. Both are decisive games.



Being serious though, classic sleaze from Leeds United there.


Cardiff and Nottingham up at HT.




Wtf. Do they not watch the news in Leeds?


Cardiff lose! The 2nd place race is on! Nottingham win, instead.

Blackburn are back to the Championship.


Radrizzani… he has business interests in south-east Asia.

This wouldn’t have happened if Massimo Cellino was still the owner :grin:

Though, to be fair, Radrizzani is on Twitter and he’s said that he’s not afraid to visit developing countries to bring joy to the kids and local community who otherwise wouldn’t ever get close to football. He wants to raise awareness and has said the club are not making any money from it.


Love this story. Took a long time but the hard work paid off. Fair play to AFC Wimbledon.


Thats a great story about the Dons. That should be a much bigger story in the press really. So much more to english football than the premiership.


Fulham can put some pressure on Cardiff by beating Sunderland today.


Sunderland will probably win this now there is no pressure on them.

I hope they’re looking forward to next season…


1-1 at HT.
2-1 Fulham FT. They are 2nd and so there is a massive pressure on Cardiff now.

1-0 Sunderland

1-1 Fulham

2-1 Fulham


Results at HT:

Aston Villa - Derby 0:1
Barnsley - Brentford 1:0
Burton - Bolton 2:0
Hull - Cardiff 0:1
Norwich - Leeds 1:1
Nottingham - Bristol City 0:0
QPR - Birmingham 1:1
Reading - Ipswich 0:0
Sheffield Utd - Preston 0:0
Wolves - Sheffield Wed 0:0


So glad I decided to go watch Colchester today. That 0-0 was a proper classic :neutral_face:

Guess that’s what sometimes happens when two teams have absolutely nothing to play for. Left at half 4 because I was bloody freezing!

I’m glad little Barnet won though. I think they might actually survive. The great escape! They’re playing an already relegated team in their final game, while Morecambe have to go to Coventry… who scored 6 today!