Football League thread


Enjoyed that match. Fantastic ending – Cardiff had two penalties, one in the 93rd minute and one in the 95th, they missed them both!

Warnock took defeat well :speak_no_evil:


Fantastic free kick! Can’t wait to see him in the Premier League.


Has he had a good season?


Yep. I think he has to win Championship player of the season, he’s been exceptional.

I’ve watched quite a lot of Wolves this season – he’s a deep lying midfielder so in terms of his goal and assist stats, they’re pretty modest – he’s not up there with Barry Douglas or Jota (if people are thinking about their FF teams for next season :grin: though Jota is only on loan anyway) but he is at the heart of everything they do. He starts off a large majority of their attacks and his ball control is something else :heart_eyes:

He’s been nicknamed the Portuguese Paul Scholes but it’s a little soon for that – although, he’s already been linked with Man United! But he’s only 20, I hope he sticks with the Wolves “project” a little longer. Hopefully should see more of him at the World Cup.


Barnsley-Sheffield United and Norwich-Aston Villa as the first 2 games today.
Both Barnsley and Norwich are up at HT.
Barnsley and Norwich win. Yorkshire team close the gap to Birmingham to just 2 points in the relegation zone.
Afternoon’s games: Bristol City down in “the playoffs six-pointer” against Millwall. Middlesbrough and Derby up as well. Hull and Reading are set to stay up, as both are winning. All the others draw, instead.
Fulham beat Sheffield Wednesday and are just 2 points behind Cardiff in the 2nd place, albeit Cardiff have one game in hand. Derby and Middlesbrough win as well, while Millwall and Brentford are still in the race for the playoffs. Sunderland and Burton are all but gone, while Hull and Reading are almost safe.


Today and tomorrow midweek’s fixtures.


Fulham up against Reading and in the 2nd place atm, as Cardiff are drawing against Aston Villa. Cardiff have a game in hand though. Millwall beating Bolton and thanks to Middlesbrough’s defeat to Sheffield United they are 6th. Bristol up as well. Burton-Hull 0-2, Sunderland-Norwich 0-0 and Ipswich-Barnsley 0-0 in the relegation zone. Nottingham-Brentford 0-0, Preston-Leeds 0-1 and Q.P.R.-Sheffield Wednesday 3-0.

Fulham beat Reading and are 2nd, as Cardiff lose against Aston Villa. Millwall 6th after Middlesbrough lost against Sheffield United. Preston, Brentford and Bristol City still in the race for the playoffs. Sunderland and Burton are all but relegated, while Barnsley are still struggling. Q.P.R.-Sheffield Wednesday 4-2 and Preston-Leeds 3-1.


Wolves, Fulham and Millwall coming up

Quite the mix


Would like Fulham back in the PL! Good to see them in the automatics fuck Cardiff


Millwall still needs to go through the play-offs tho. If they make it at all. Four games left. The only certainty at this point are Wolves.


Yes I know that. I was actually half joking about Millwall – mainly because I think it’ll be funny if they make it up.

They are top of the form table though and are playing some really good stuff from the handful of their games i’ve watched. Shaun Hutchinson at CB has been a standout. Only problem is their final four games are pretty tough. All against teams with something to play for.

Would be a big achievement though. Back to back promotions – especially if they achieve that feat by finishing 6th both years running.


He can be the one to get Southampton promoted next season.


Looks like a homeless alcoholic.


Fulham are unbeaten in 20 games!


Jack Grealish has been doing bits in the Championship this season. He needed it really, it’s done his reputation the world of good. Finally fulfilling some of that potential.

He scored a fab goal last night too… :fire:

One thing I will say against him though is, he still sometimes goes down a bit too easily. Not quite Alli level, but still more than necessary.


A bit of a fall from grace for him in the last 3 years.


Well quite. But that’s why this season has been good for him, shredding that “Jack the lad” label.

John Terry has helped, he’s been acting as a paternal figure and taken Jack under his wing. Grealish described him as a “role model” which is a little worrying :grin:


Role model? Being a pimp? :mustafi:


Wolverhampton-Derby today.
Wolverhampton up at HT.


The best player in the Championship by a mile just did this :heart_eyes: