Football League thread


Millwall in the Premier League :eyes:

I kinda want that to happen. The FA must be sweating though!


Or a good West Ham-Millwall in the Championship :mustafi:


Cardiff up against Burton. Leeds up as well, while all the other draw in the afternoon games.
Cardiff win and are still 7 points above Fulham. The Cottagers beat Norwich 2-0 away. Bad draw for the playoffs for Sheffield United and Bristol City. Leeds-Bolton 2-1 and Sheffield Wednesday-Preston 4-1.
Middlesbrough-Wolverhampton, Reading-Q.P.R. and Derby County-Sunderland now.


Norwich cost me £480 today. Pricks.


Wolverhampton and Reading win. Wolverhampton are all but promoted, then. They have totally dominated the league since august.


And Wolves only had 9 men! Really enjoyed that game actually, particularly the second half – was feisty.

Special mention to Willy Boly. Not just for defending out of his skin. But also for having a great name – i’d buy him from Porto for that reason alone :grin:


Wow! Sunderland managed to win a game and in style as well. They can stay up now.


Birmingham-Ipswich and Hull-Aston Villa today.
Birmingham up at HT.
Massive win for Birmingham. They are out from the relegation zone now.


Bad news for Sunderland, after last night they must have thought they’d closed the gap between them and safety – Birmingham had lost their last 8 games!

Looks like it’s game over now


Villa 0-0 FT. They drop to 4th.


Easter Monday fixtures today and tomorrow. Preston-Derby 0-0 at HT.
Big win in the playoffs for Derby.
Millwall are literally flying atm. Important lead for Burton as well. The others all draw.
Millwall draw in the end, while Brentford win so they are still in the race for the playoffs . Sheffield Wednesday and Q.P.R. win as well. Burton-Middlesbrough 1-1. Cardiff play at 19:45.


Well err I think that’s the last time I back Coventry :flushed:


Coventry were in the playoffs zone, while Yeovil in the relegation zone. It should have been the other way round :mustafi:

What’s up with all these postponed games? Only 1 month to the end of the season and some teams have 3 games in hand :arteta: Crap pitches all over England :facepalm:


Sheffield United up at HT.
1-1 FT. Good point in the end for Cardiff.


Fulham and Birmingham up, while the others draw, instead.
Aston Villa, Fulham and Birmingham win, while Wolverhampton draw. Birmingham’s win basically put the nail in the coffin for Sunderland.


A £4,000 bespoke chair, no less. How very West London.


Cardiff-Wolverhampton is massive today.


Cardiff have a game in hand too. I thought Wolves would walk this league :grimacing:


They have always been comfortable at the top, tbh. Just a dip in form recently.


0-0 at HT.
Wolverhampton win and cement their 1st place.