Football League thread


Indeed. Golazo!


Q.P.R. surprising everyone, as they are up against Villa. Barnsley, Cardiff, Hull, Sheffield United and Wolverhampton up as well.
Big promotion step for Cardiff and Wolverhampton, while Aston Villa lose. Ipswich-Hull 0-3, Sheffield United-Burton 2-0 and Barnsley-Norwich 1-1.


A great night for all us members of the ‘Keep Villa Away From The Prem’ campaign :sunglasses:


Fulham-Q.P.R. and Barnsley-Millwall as the first games today.
Fulham and Barnsley up at HT.
Fulham draw, while Millwall win.

The other results at HT:

Birmingham - Hull 1:0
Brentford - Middlesbrough 1:1
Bristol City - Ipswich 0:0
Leeds - Sheffield Wed 0:0
Norwich - Reading 3:1
Sheffield Utd - Nottingham 0:0
Sunderland - Preston 0:0
Wolves - Burton 2:1

Final results:

Birmingham - Hull 3:0
Brentford - Middlesbrough 1:1
Bristol City - Ipswich 1:0
Leeds - Sheffield Wed 1:2
Norwich - Reading 3:2
Sheffield Utd - Nottingham 0:0
Sunderland - Preston 0:2
Wolves - Burton 3:1

Sunderland are on the verge of getting relegated again, while Wolverhampton seem on their way up again. Bolton-Villa now.
1-0 Bolton FT. The automatic promotion is basically over.




Sunderland are actually closing a big section of their upper tier and relocating a few of their ST holders in advance of their relegation to League One, given their crowds are down to 27K in a 44K ground :grimacing:


I actually like Sunderland. They should be a PL regular team but they have been so badly managed since Ellis Short took over that it’s hard to think anything but “fuck yis”. League one is exactly what a club run like that deserves. Hopefully someone who gives a fuck can take over and get them back where they should be.


Yeah people talk about big clubs sinking into oblivion, “never returning” and all this hyperbole, but big clubs don’t stay down at third tier level for too long, certainly wasn’t that way with Leeds, forest, Southampton or Sheffield Wednesday.

The real graveyard is being stuck in the Championship for too long when you’re a club of Villa’s size. Or Leeds. But I think Sunderland will come straight back up. It takes Portsmouth-level mismanagement to take a club down more than two divisions and Sun’lun don’t have that


I hope Coleman stays on at Sunderland next season gets rid off all the crap players and big earners, an promote more acedamy players


In League One though :wink:


The snow strikes again!


Steve McClaren needs to let go of his hair ffs :rofl:


Reading finishing 3rd and getting within a penalty shootout win from the PL was a bit of an overachievement then!

Glad hope that stupid boring nothing club never comes back to the PL again


What are you talking about? They won the London War Cup in the 40s :grin:


Not getting promoted has really fucked them up.


Just a look at the League One for a second: can Shrewsbury pull out a miracle and get promoted? They were supposed to get relegated at the start of the season.


This is the joy of league football. Teams can be 15th one season and get promoted the next. And vice versa.

On a side note, I went to watch Stevenage v Colchester today. My closest league team v my home town. Was pretty exciting, one guy got kicked out at half time for being drunk and aggressive and it turns out he was an Arsenal fan :laughing:


Easter weekend starts with Millwall-Nottingham Forest in the Championship.


Random stat for you all


2-0 FT for Millwall. They are just 1 point behind the playoffs zone now!