Football League thread


Sheffield United win, while Hull draw. United are 6th now.



Middlesbrough-Leeds for the playoffs today.



Middlesbrough 2-0 up at HT.
3-0 FT.

1-0 Middlesbrough

2-0 Middlesbrough

3-0 Middlesbrough


Many games have been postponed due to the bad weather today. There are only Bolton-Preston, Bristol City-Sheffield Wednesday, Derby-Fulham, Millwall-Sunderland and Nottingham-Birmingham.


Sessegnon scoring again… what a talent.

I hope he stays at Fulham another season. He can keep his head down and continue his development there without the increased hype that’ll come if he joins the likes of Spurs. He’s only 17, there’s plenty of time for that.


Fulham with an away win against Derby to get the 3rd spot. Bristol doing well as well, as they are 4th. Preston still in the race for the top. They beat Bolton 3-1. Millwall-Sunderland 1-1 and Nottingham Forest-Birmingham 2-1.


Midweek’s fixtures today and tomorrow.

Fulham climbing up the table very quickly after leading Sheffield United 2-0. Cardiff, Aston Villa, Derby County, Middlesbrough and Preston win as well. Reading-Bolton 1-1, Norwich-Nottingham 0-0, Burton-Brentford 0-0, Hull-Millwall 0-2 and Sheffield Wednesday-Ipswich Town 0-0.

Cardiff keep the second place after beating Barnsley 2-1. Fulham and Aston Villa keep it up with them though, while Derby draw. Middlesbrough 6th with a win against Birmingham. Preston close to the first 6 positions thanks to a win against Bristol. Reading-Bolton 1-1, Sheffield Wednesday-Ipswich 1-2, Hull-Millwall 1-2, Burton-Brentford 0-2 and Norwich City-Nottingham Forest 0-0.


Wolves 2-0 up at HT against Leeds.
3-0 FT for Wolverhampton.


Cardiff easy up at HT against Birmingham. Middlesbrough, Norwich City and Millwall up as well. All the others draw.

Cardiff almost threw it away, as they only win 3-2 in the end after being 3-0 up. Comeback done for Hull against Norwich, instead. From 3-1 down to 4-3 up. Fulham bombing forward, as they beat Preston away. Good win for Middlesbrough against Barnsley, while Sunderland lose again. Reading-Leeds 2-2, Sheffield Wednesday-Bolton 1-1, Burton-Bristol City 0-0 and Millwall-Brentford 1-0. The Lions are in the playoffs zone! Aston Villa-Wolverhampton now.
1-1 at HT.
4-1 Villa FT. Wolverhampton are throwing it away!


There is The East Midlands Derby today.
0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT.


6 games that were postponed due to snow take place today.


Your sacked Luca :wink: You haven’t named the teams hah



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There are also League 1 and League 2 games Luca…


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Got a video of Sol Bamba’s goal for Cardiff @Luca_from_Italy Supposed to a stunner – and he’s a CB!