Football League thread


Exactly. Their league form has been terrible – guess they only turn up in the big games.


Who would have thought Pulis would be the man to get the best out of Adama Traore?

2 goals today


A PL team is definitely going to snap up James Maddison in the summer. One of the best players in the Championship!

Apparently Norwich want £30m for him.


Bristalbul! Sunderland came from 3 goals down to equalize 3-3 in the end. That’s a massive chance wasted for the Robins. Derby and Fulham draw as well. Wolverhampton marching on, instead. Middlesbrough and Hull also win. Brentford-Preston 1-1 and Ipswich-Burton 0-0.


Not actually league football, it’s non league, but I thought this was nice - even though I wasn’t Davies’ biggest fan when he was a player. Unlike some former players (cough Giggs cough) he was prepared to start at the bottom.


Well he has signed 10 players and cleared a lot off players out. Eithen karanka Carnt perform miracles after couple off games


Yeah I agree he should be given time, but clubs are more ruthless these days (other than ours)

Of all the new players he bought only 2 played today. And it’s the same back 4 that was a problem before he joined. They’re shambolic all over the pitch. Not sure he is the right manager for them.


Don’t think their is a right manager for them they have gone through 5/6 managers in the last couple off season.
But one good thing for Karanka is he is a good defensive coach his boro team had the 5th best defense in the league last season he’s only had 5 games in charge it’s going to take abit longer for the team to get going which shouldn’t be too much bother for them since theirs worse teams below them that will remain in the relegation battle.


Nah, can’t get on board with giving any sort of credit to Kevin Davies.


Villa beat Birmingham and go 2nd.



What a strong man. Much respect to him.


Cardiff and Sheffield Wednesday win midweek’s games. Cardiff are just 2 points behind Aston Villa in 2nd now.


Portsmouth were an absolute shambles in 2009/10 only just getting back on their feet now aswell. Wonder if they will ever make it back to the Prem?


Cardiff up against Middlesbrough, so they are 2nd atm and Brentford against a very sorry Sunderland side. The others alla draw.
Preston stop the leader Wolverhampton, while big win for Fulham against the most in-form team of the league Aston Villa. Cardiff are 2nd now. Brentford back to the winning way against a terrible Sunderland side. Q.P.R.-Bolton 2-0 and Burton-Nottingham 0-0.


The East Anglian derby takes place today. There is also Leeds-Bristol.


We like to call it the Old Farm Derby


Yeah, two fucking farmers teams :wink: :xhaka:

0-0 at HT though.


@Phoebica and I naturally favour Norwich, as Col Ewes we are duty bound to hate Ipswich Town :boxing_glove:


Yes, plus James Maddison is a joy to watch.

From what i’ve seen of this game, i’m getting the impression that Ipswich’ tactics board consisted solely of the words “hack down Maddison as much as you can”