Football League thread


The remaining games of this round up are today.
Birmingham, Reading and Preston up at HT, while the others draw.
Big win for Birmingham in their fight to avoid relegation, while Sunderland have gone into shit since they got relegated from the Premier League. Villa beat Sheffield United in the playoffs “six-pointer”. Reading and Preston win as well, while all the others draw.


Nice goal from Snodgrass :ok_hand:


Bolton-Bristol today. A chance for Bristol to reach the 2nd spot.
0-0 at HT.
1-0 Bolton FT. Only 4 points in the last 6 games for Bristol. They have gone off the boil.


Sheffield Wednesday have sent a survey out to their fans…

“Would you like us to reduce ticket prices?.. oh but by the way, if you say yes we’re going to sell our best players… so…”


Derby easily up against Brentford. The same thing goes for Derby against a Leeds side in crisis again. Villa being rampant once again, while Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland are dropping like flies. Fulham-Nottingham 0-0, Norwich-Middlesbrough 1-0, Preston-Hull 2-1, Q.P.R-Barnsley 0-0 and Reading-Millwall 0-0.

Easy wins for Aston Villa, Derby and Cardiff City. It’s gonna be a great battle for the 2nd spot. Fulham up to 5th. Preston stay in the playoffs zone thanks to the 2-1 win against a sorry Hull side, as they risk a second relegation in a row. The same thing goes for Sunderland, defeated 2-0 at home by Ipswich. Sheffield Wednesday and Reading risk as well. Norwich-Middlesbrough 1-0 and Q.P.R.-Barnsley 1-0.
Wolverhampton-Sheffield United now. 2-0 Wolverhampton at HT. 3-0 FT. They are too good for the Championshp.


Wolves’ have players that could be Champions League level. It’s mental.


They’ll come up, get hyped up over the summer as they break spending records for a promoted side and then still end up finishing 45 points behind Man City in 14th.


Jota is staying at Wolverhampton. Good for the Premier League next season.


Barnsley :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Lol! What a cunt, tbh. Guess he won’t be seen in Barnsley for a while.


Two months ago

Fans taking it well


Not a cunt, scumbag, snake etc unless you can categorically assure you wouldn’t do the same yourself. Bigger club, more money, better chance of making the Premier League. Barnsley and Leeds obeying their respective positions in the food chain


I would definitely take the Liverpool job over ny own, despite said rammings of things down throats.


Cardiff play Millwall away to go level on points with Derby in the 2nd place.


Ah Cardiff Millwall – otherwise known as the “no one likes us, we don’t care” derby


1-1 at HT.
Cardiff and Millwall draw in the end.

1-0 Cardiff

1-1 Millwall


Sheffield United beat Leeds, while Sheffield Wednesday draw in today’s game.


Fulham doing well again, as they are 1-0 up against Bolton. Bristol easy against a sorry Sunderland side. Derby winning as well, as Wolverhampton, Middlesbrough and Hull. The others draw as well.


Nottingham Forest have been so bad recently. Oddly they beat Wolves – but in every other game they’ve been a mess.

Aitor Karanka was only appointed last month but can already see him being fired soon


To think we got knocked out from this shithole :face_with_raised_eyebrow: