Football League thread


If he just waited a few days he could’ve been at WBA instead


The other results at HT:

Barnsley - Wolves 0:0
Birmingham - Derby 0:1
Brentford - Bolton 1:0
Bristol City - Norwich 0:0
Burton - QPR 1:1
Hull - Reading 0:0
Ipswich - Leeds 0:0
Middlesbrough - Fulham 0:0
Millwall - Preston 1:0

Final results:

Barnsley - Wolves 0:0
Birmingham - Derby 0:3
Brentford - Bolton 2:0
Bristol City - Norwich 0:1
Burton - QPR 1:3
Hull - Reading 0:0
Ipswich - Leeds 1:0
Middlesbrough - Fulham 0:1
Millwall - Preston 1:1

Barnsley with a great resul against the leader, while Bristol are in crisis. Derby and Fulham flying high.
Nottingham-Aston Villa now.


Luca. The football league is not just the Championship. There is League 1 and 2 too :roll_eyes:

Colchester only lost 3-1 this week. An improvement.


Do i have to talk about Colchester everytime? :hipster: Weren’t you near the playoffs zone? :xhaka:


We were in the playoff zone. We’re only 3 points off it now though.

And yes we do.


So Colchester are shitting the bed :poldi:


No. We’re not in danger of relegation.

I’m actually going to watch Colchester next Saturday. We’re playing Grimsby. We should win, because Grimsby are a little grim…


Colchester are rubbish :speak_no_evil:


Screw you. Go back to Peru!


I remember 2006/2007 where Colchester where quite good and finished like 7th in the championship just missing out on the playoffs.


Yeah we were only in the Championship for 2 seasons though. The first year was the year we finished above all our rivals - Ipswich, Norwich and Southend. We’ve been quite unlucky since. Got relegated from league 1 in 2016. Then last season we missed out on the play offs by 1 point :grimacing:


They even beat Sunderland who just got relegated from the Premier League.


Villa leading.
Forest cunts lose. I am very happy after what happened last week.



I was born in colchester general hospital so feel like an honorary col ewe! :sunglasses: So I’m fond of them really, used to like Layer Road but can’t be doing with the ‘Weston Homes community stadium’ :eyes:


The big match Derby-Bristol is 0-0 at HT.


Really luca? :wink:


Yeah angus.


What makes it big Risotto boy?


Derby are 2nd, while Bristol 5th.