Football League thread


Yeah, most expensive player in second tier history.

The Portuguese influence got him there and he’s obviously been sold the “Wolves dream” which, so far, is going to plan, they’ll be in the PL next season for sure. Quite a team they’ve put together there.


Another team to fight to qualify to the Europa League :xhaka:


He will be soon. Wolves doing a madness in the championship


Already better than us, tbh. Fucking french prat!


5th place, y’all :raised_hands:


Was about to post about fucking Colchester getting a win :xhaka:. From relegation to the playoffs in 3 months.


1-0 Wolverhampton FT. They are dominating the Championship.


I didn’t realise Lincoln came up last season. :slight_smile:


Not a great period for Sheffield United. 0-0 at HT against Preston. Leeds, a superb Bristol City and Derby all win, instead. 0-0 between two former Premier League clubs like Sunderland and Fulham. Burton and Q.P.R. up as well. Middlesbrough still not getting on, as they are losing 2-0 against Millwall. Brentford-Barnsley 0-0 and Ipswich-Reading 2-0.
Bristol only one point behind the 2nd spot after beating Nottingham 2-1. What a season they are having! Derby doing well as well, as they beat Villa 2-0. Another defeat for an out of form Sheffield United. Leeds just one point behind the second spot. Preston close to the 6th spot as well. Big wins for Sunderland, Burton and Q.P.R. Millwall-Middlesbrough 2-0 and Brentford-Barnsley 0-0.
Cardiff-Hull now.
0-0 at HT.
1-0 Cardiff FT. They are still second.


QRR’s left back scored his first 2 senior goals today, this is what Holloway said afterwards :speak_no_evil:

“Robinson was fantastic, that’s 115 odd games and he’s not scored before, I’ve just asked the doping people to test him, something has to be going on.”


Haha I love Holloway. :slight_smile:

They should totally do that for doping control in football though. It’s pretty much a non existent joke in reality.




Don’t trust chinese at all. Look at Milan.


dude you are racist :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah…;). They just got fake money :wink:


The conning spring roll bastards!! :henry2:


Brentford beat Norwich 2-1.


Results at HT:

Bolton - Cardiff 0:0
Derby - Millwall 3:0
Fulham - Barnsley 0:0
Leeds - Hull 1:0
Preston - Nottingham 0:0
QPR - Bristol City 1:0
Reading - Burton 0:1
Sheffield Wed - Middlesbrough 1:0
Sunderland - Birmingham 1:1
Wolves - Ipswich 1:0

Final results:

Bolton - Cardiff 2:0
Derby - Millwall 3:0
Fulham - Barnsley 2:1
Leeds - Hull 1:0
Preston - Nottingham 1:1
QPR - Bristol City 1:1
Reading - Burton 1:2
Sheffield Wed - Middlesbrough 1:2
Sunderland - Birmingham 1:1
Wolves - Ipswich 1:0

Wolverhampton are the Manchester City of the Championship. They are walking the league.
Now Aston Villa-Sheffield United.
2-2 at HT.
2-2 FT.


Middlesbrough have sacked Gary Monk.

Surprised really since their only 3 points off the play off spot