Football League thread


Sheffield United up against Burton, while Preston draw.


Popular appointment with fans…


Sheffield United win and go top atm. Preston-Bolton 0-0.


Cardiff and Wolverhampton are up, while Aston Villa and Bristol City draw. Birmingham, Millwall and Norwich up as well. Hull-Ipswich 1-1.


Sunderland losing at home… again… on the verge of creating English football history.

Good luck, Chris.


All the top 3+Villa win, while Bristol draw against Sheffield Wednesday. Birmingham win as well to get them out of the bottom 3. Hull-Ipswich 2-2, Norwich-Barnsley 1-1 and Sunderland-Millwall 2-2. Fulham-Derby now.


Does the championship have a safety points number? Like the PL has the 40pts mark.


They usually say it’s 50. But there are exceptions - a few years back Peterborough got relegated with 54 points.


1-0 Fulham at HT.
1-1 FT.


Jesus. Shocking goalkeeping at both ends.




Leeds back to the winning against Middlesbrough.


Midweek’s round-up: Sheffield United are down against the dodgy Fulham, while Cardiff draw. Bristol down as well. Villa win against Sunderland, instead. Brentford-Burton 0-0, Derby-Q.P.R. 1-0, Millwall-Hull 0-0, Nottingham-Norwich 0-0 and Bolton-Reading 2-0.

What a win for Fulham! 5-2 up with 5 minutes to go, they only win 5-4 in the end. Home defeat for Bristol as well, while Cardiff win away. Aston Villa and Derby in the playoffs zone. Brentford-Burton 1-1, Millwall-Hull 0-0, Nottingham-Norwich 1-0 and Bolton-Reading 2-2.


Today’s games: Middlesbrough and Wolverhampton up, while Ipswich draw.


This Wolves team are really good at the football you know. When they come up, they definitely won’t be going straight back down. A few of their players in particular should certainly be playing in the PL.


Are we gonna lose against them? :xhaka:


Ha probably. We’re going to get torn apart by Rúben Neves and Romain Saïss!


Wolverhampton thrash Leeds to extend their lead at the top. Middlesbrough win as well, while Ipswich draw.


This is a nice story. In full kit, too.


Barnsley-Leeds 0-2.