Football League thread


Wolves for the most part have been in complete control, Jota looks quality.


That really does depend on your definition of crook…


A person who does his business in a dirty way.


2-0 FT for Wolverhampton who is still top of the league.


Good for me. Bet on Wolves at the start of the season. Need Bradford to win League 1 too though :grimacing:


Look a long shot atm.


Meh. he’s pretty open about things. Give him an absolute fuck load of money and he’ll give you preferential treatment.


Bristol-Cardiff 1-1 at HT.
2-1 FT for Bristol. They are just 1 point behind the 2nd post now.

Sheffield United 1-0 down against Hull. It shows you can’t take nothing for granted in this league. The same thing goes for Aston Villa against Sheffield Wednesday who seem to be on a good recovering way. Reading up as well. Bolton are climbing up the table from the bottom thanks the 2-0 against Norwich. Barnsley-Birmingham 1-0, Ipswich-Preston 1-0, Millwall-Burton 0-0 and Nottingham-Q.P.R. 2-0.
Big comeback for Sheffield United and Hull got thrashed. They are really a big team. Sheffield Wednesday win as well so Sheffield is gonna be happy today (@Sly). Reading destroy a in-form Derby. Big wins for Nottingham and Ipswich as well. Barnsley-Birmingham 2-0, Millwall-Burton 0-1 and Bolton-Norwich 2-1.
Brentford-Leeds now.
1-0 Brentford at HT.


Wolves are going to walk the Championship. By Christmas/January they will have a big lead. Called it at the start of the season. They were only like 4th or 5th favourites.


3-1 FT for Brentford. They are kicking on.


Myself and a couple of mates were talking the other night, amazed how Leeds United since getting relegated in 2004 haven’t found a way to get back into the top flight.


Sunderland bottom of the league after losing to Middlesbrough :arteta:


:rofl: Respect to those 3 Sunderland fans


I just looked it up and Grimsby reckon they average 1000 away fans in League Two.

The magic of the cup :giroud2:


I’m off to the Lamex today to watch Stevenage v Notts County.



decent game so far - Love watching the Dons’!



Good riddance. The Premier League isn’t missing them.


Interesting, I’d say Sunderland is his level


Not sure why he would he would want to swap Wales for Sunderland right now though. Unless he just wants the day to day aspect of it.