Football League thread


Big win for Sheffield. Top of the league atm.



Hey. They provide entertainment. Better than the likes of Sheffield United, and back in the day, the likes of Wigan! Not to mention the crap we still have in the Premier League.

Besides. You’re guaranteed a fight at a Leeds away game - hopefully it’ll involve those Arsenal “fan” TV guys!


Sheffield United provided entertainment when they beat us with an outfield player in goal for the final 30 mins at Bramall Lane in 2006/2007 season.


Today’s results:

Sheffield Wed - Barnsley 1:1
Burton - Ipswich 1:2
Cardiff - Millwall 0:0
Fulham - Bolton 1:1
Norwich - Derby 1:2
Preston - Brentford 2:3
QPR - Wolves 2:1
Reading - Middlesbrough 0:2
Sunderland - Bristol City 1:2

Sunderland are truly in for another relegation. Reading can be considered for the drop as well.
Hull-Nottingham now.


Sunderland haven’t won a home match for nearly a year! Imagine having a season ticket and going a whole year without seeing your team win.


Nottingham win 3-2 and put more misery on Hull.


Birmingham derby 0-0 FT.


Just been pointed in the direction of Mick McCarthy’s comments following Ipswich’s game at the weekend.

In response to the fans who were calling for him to play Celina, who is on loan from Man City, he said:

“There’s more chance of him not going on when they start telling me what to do. And yes, I am a belligerent fuck!”

And then after Celina wrote on Twitter “2 months until new year, can’t wait,” which is when he’ll return to City, Mick said:

“It’s factually correct, isn’t it? He’s a fucking brighter lad than I thought! Listen, unless somebody decides otherwise, you’ve got me, ‘boring old big nose fucking fart with shite football’, til May.”

Imagine Wenger speaking like that :rofl:




I love Mick McCarthy. Totally backed him when the whole Saipan thing kicked off.


Drunk irish :arteta:


The Championship’s midweek fixtures are today and tomorrow.


Sheffield United are incredibly down against Q.P.R. It just shows you can’t predict the Championship. Cardiff and Wolverhampton take advantage of it, as both are up. Leeds and Boro are up as well, while Bristol continue to surprise everyone, as they are 2-0 up against Fulham. Burton-Barnsley 2-2, Sheffield Wednesday-Millwall 2-1, Sunderland-Bolton 1-1 and Reading-Nottingham 1-0.
Sheffield lose against Q.P.R. Now it’s Wolverhampton who lead the table followed by Cardiff. Leeds going through a bad spell after losing again. Bristol, Derby e Middlesbrough in the playoffs zone. Sheffield Wednesday-Millwall 2-1, Sunderland-Bolton 3-3, Reading-Birmingham 3-1 and Burton-Barnsley 2-4.


Brentford and Villa win.


Too easy for Wolverhampton against Fulham. 2-0 at HT.


Wasn’t wolves in league 1 not long ago ? Or am I imagining things?


Yeah, in 2014.


Yeah. They have a new rich owner now. Also, the owners are mates with Jorge Mendes, who is also the manager’s agent, which helps. I think he has a big influence there.


Jorge Mendes is a crook, tbh.