Football League thread


The top of the Championship will be like this all season, not dominated by two teams like last season


2 games today: Birmingham-Cardiff and Bristol City-Burton.
Birmingham leading, while Bristol draw.
Big defeat for Cardiff. Bristol draw, instead.


Leeds are going through a little crisis atm. 0-0 at HT against Reading. Boro are in crisis as well, as they are down against Barnsley. Sheffield Wednesday, Fulham and Sunderland down as well. The rest all draw.


Third defeat in a row for Leeds. Sheffield win and go second atm, instead. Preston bottle a 2-goal lead against Fulham. Boro still struggling, as they draw 2-2 against Barnsley. Sheffield Wednesday and Millwall lose… Sunderland-Q.P.R. 1-1 and Norwich-Hull 1-1.
Now Wolverhampton-Villa.
0-0 at HT.
2-0 FT for Wolverhampton.


Derby beat Nottingham 2-0.




Good win for Colchester. You are climbing up the table :hipster:


Yep. After not being able to win away from home, we now have two away wins in a row. We’re on a roll :sunglasses:


How was that fan on the pitch for that long :joy:

Probably went back to his seat afterwards too


Can we get this guy to replace wenger? Seems to have more fight in his little toe than he does.


Results at the end of the first half:

Aston Villa - Fulham 1:1
Barnsley - Hull 0:0
Bolton - QPR 1:0
Brentford - Sunderland 1:3
Bristol City - Leeds 0:2
Derby - Sheffield Wed 1:0
Middlesbrough - Cardiff 0:0
Nottingham - Burton 0:0
Sheffield Utd - Reading 2:0
Wolves - Preston 1:0


Final results:

Aston Villa - Fulham 2:1
Barnsley - Hull 0:1
Bolton - QPR 1:1
Brentford - Sunderland 3:3
Bristol City - Leeds 0:3
Derby - Sheffield Wed 2:0
Middlesbrough - Cardiff 0:1
Nottingham - Burton 2:0
Sheffield Utd - Reading 2:1
Wolves - Preston 3:2

Leeds back to the winning way against the tricky Bristol. Big crisis for Middlesbrough and Sheffield Wednesday, instead.
5:30 p.m. Millwall - Birmingham.


0-0 at HT.
2-0 FT for Millwall.


The East Anglian derby is today.


We call it “The Old Farm Derby” :sunglasses:


So Suffolk and Norfolk are just for the farmers? :kos2:


1-0 FT for Norwich.


Big Yorkshire derby between Leeds and Sheffield United this evening.


Come on Leeds! Need them back in the PL.


Leeds have been all over the shop in this first half n hour.