Football League thread

Well, as you asked. I can drive Legally. I have a licence and car. I just hate driving. Answer is no, I can’t drive

That would at least have been a question that couldn’t be answered with a quick google search.

I don’t like you any more


Go on The Forest. 2 goal lead now, so looks like they’ll be playing Huddersfield in the final.

sheff u coming back to bring the score to 3-3 on agg.

Cmon Forest

Penalty shootout klaxon


3 saves in the shootout. Impressive. But at the end of extra time Samba also made a massive save to keep Forest in it.

Glad they did it. Need them back in the Prem.

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As Calum would say


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Samba got in the Sheffield United player’s heads.

Penalties shootouts are not a lottery. Stop using that dead cliche you muppet

Great penalty shootout. Samba will go down as a Forest legend if the go up.

Surprised he didn’t get booked at one point. He was on a proper wind up mission.


The ref was too lenient. He should have been booked after the long delay for the first penalty kick.

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Fuck Sheffield United getting up again. Happy to see they lost :+1:

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I want Forest up as I haven’t seen them in the EPL since 98/99.

The downside will be it’ll be a promoted venue we drop points at next season :sob:

What the fuck. Thats abhorrent

Pitch invasions are so boring and tinpot. Just celebrate in your seats you cunts.


I hope they caught up with the fucker and he gets done for that.