Football League thread

Does it really matter where you finish in the playoffs?

6th place have went up a few times so I would think 3-6 all mean the same?

Well I think they’d rather play Luton over two legs than Sheffield United.

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I’ve never really liked Luton since their chairman banned away supporters in the 80’s.
They also used to have poor away support considering how close they are and even Wimbledon used to bring more.
They also had an artificial pitch

Saying that, they must be one of the few clubs to have gone from the old fourth division up to the first then all the way down to the Conference and back up again to the Championship.
The only other clubs I can think of who have done similar are Wolves and Blackpool.

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Barnsley really fluked that playoff season didn’t they? :joy:

Back to league 1 again for you lads

Some finish to League 2

Promoted via goals scored. While Northampton now have to go through playoffs, they must be well gutted.


My grandad is a Rovers fan. Will have to tell him about this when I see him.

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Is his name Roy?


either want Forest or Luton promoted, always nicer for different teams in premiership

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Anyone watching the second leg of the league one play off semi final tonight?

Looks atmospheric.

Sheff Wed v Sunderland. Sunderland going into it with a 0-1 lead from the first leg

Since Sheff Wed scored its been incredibly end to end

Roberts!!! 2-1 Sunderland

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I feel bad for darren Moore. I don’t think he’s a bad manager

Someone had to lose.

Two clubs who really should not be in league 1 tbh

Wycombe v Sunderland should be a cracker in the play off final, too. League 1 play offs having the same or similar feel to the Championship play off final.

Sunderland AFC 'til I die finished about 2 seasons too early. This club is pure box office.

There is actually already a rule in place in the EFL that says from the fourth Thursday in March, any team sheet for a league game should include at least 10 outfield players who featured on the previous league game’s team sheet. Scunthorpe stuck to that rule.

Northampton just look like whiney bitches. “We would have preferred you to play that right back instead of that one.” You didn’t get automatic promotion because you didn’t get enough points, deal with it and focus on the play offs.


Yea going down this road will just create negativity and achieve nothing

Wasn’t @Mysty from around that way.



Only Fulham would celebrate their Championship win with a cheeseboard


I can only imagine you said Forest were shit and then deleted it, knowing you were wrong.