Football League thread




3-0 Villa FT.


Apart from the ones from Southend :wink:


Na… All the very best hail from North London. :kos2::laca:

So many Essex folk. :gabriel:


So true. Wasn’t i2004 also a Colchesterian?


Enfield, Edmonton Green or Seven Sisters boy? :henry2: :gabriel:


I’m reading an (dutch) article about Wolverhampton being controlled by Jorge Mendes, but at the same time they are fighting for promotion/sucess. Albeit we’re only 8 games in. What do you all think of that?


How does it mean controlled? Is he part owner?


Sunderland are getting relegated again :wenger:


Watching the football league highlights and Clinton Morrison just said Sunderland should be able to attract players because “Sunderland is a great part of the world”. Ye, OK pal :rofl:


If you’re from Middlesbrough then Sunderland probably seems like paradise


Really good set peice routine.


Sheffield United leading 2-1 atm.


Some game this!

Sheff Wed got it to 2-2 then seconds later Sheff U go up and instantly take the lead back! 2-3


2-4 FT for Sheffield United. They are really going for promotion this season!


Great day for Richard Sharpe, Boromir and Ned Stark


Cardiff-Leeds and Sheffield United-Wolverhampton in this round. The top 4 clash against each other.


Cardiff beating Leeds 2-0 at HT. Leeds are down to 10 men. Middlesbrough still failing to make an impact on the league, while Hull and Sunderland are going through a terrible crisis. Aston Villa are on the way up, as they are beating Burton 3-0. Barnsley-Q.P.R. 1-0, Brentford-Derby 0-1, Bristol City-Bolton 1-0, Millwall-Reading 0-0 and Nottingham-Fulham 1-1.


How are you doing this on the same night as champs league. Actually something to behold lol


Just checking the score :wink: