Football League thread

Don’t you just love typos

Just saw the table and WBA must be on a pretty bad run of form at the moment ?

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Oh dear.

Football Supporters are just screwed aren’t they. Pick your poison.

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that is them going down a division or 2 then

Fair play to Mike Ashley


Well they already are tbf



Giving me slight David Brent vibes with some of the things he’s said there haha

That was brilliant haha

This guy has to be the greatest championship striker ever haha

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I watched the Luton Bournmouth highlights this evening and what a game that was
Some cracking goals and a 3-2 score line

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I’d have him at Arsenal big time

Much as I don’t like Rooney for crimes against Arsenal, Ash, the granny-shagging Scouser is doing an incredible job with Derby.

8 points from safety after a 21 point deduction.

Methinks the EFL are going to shift the goal posts again now and give them another points deduction. They will take on Middlesbrough and Wycombe’s pleas and won’t rest until the Rams are relegated.


Yep. I can’t believe where the players are finding the drive to fight anymore, aside from trying to earn a move. These guys have no business surviving but I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull it off again.

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If somebody told me that Wayne Rooney was in his mid to late 40s I wouldn’t bat an eyelid


If they survive this year then what a job he’s done and surely bottom half prem teams start looking at him to see what he’s got at a higher level.

The two goals Derby scored were exquisite, as well