Football League thread

Losing West Brom is never a bad thing

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Still think they had a fighting chance with Bilic. Deserve to go because of that decision. You’ll have to worry as a fan of the way your run and where your going on decisions like that.

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Yes, there’ll come a time when if they just miss out on promotion for one season, that could prove too costly. Other teams around them in the Championship can get stronger in the meantime.

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Don’t sign this fraud plz

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His positioning can give you a heart attack but he is definitely instructed and encouraged to play like this.
It’s a similar concept with fast defenders thinking they can get away with committing early or staying up the pitch as they can recover.

Raya has crazy reflexes which allows him to not rely on his positioning much. Plus, he usually does it on purpose to bait players to shoot where he is open.
Runarsson is the same. Definitely an Inaki Cana thing.

Norwich balling like crazy. 20 mins in and they’re already 3-0.

And now it’s 4.

Now 4.

Your mate Buendia is especially balling :eyes:

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Cantwell and Buendia are literally telepathic. This is Wengerball stuff. :rofl:
Farke has created some side.

Now it’s 5. Buendia on his 3rd assist. He’s literally doing what the fuck he wants tonight.

Fancy Norwich to stay up next season. Looks like they are doing an Burnley from 6/7 years ago

Come up get relegated come straight back up and solidify yourself in the league

They’ll have to keep their players first. :eyes:

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@InvincibleDB10 did you see Phil Brown is the new manager of Southend?

2 goals for Sarr just 15 minutes into the game.

The Essex teams are having a torrid season. Colchester 3-0 down tonight after an hour :grimacing:

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It’s the only way.

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Anyone who follows the championship, how good is Harvey Elliott?
Just keeps cropping up here and there on football reviews and podcasts I come across.

Are you listening to the Anfield Wrap? :sweat_smile:

He’s had a good season to be fair. 6 goals, 11 assists. Looks a decent prospect whenever I watch him.


Doing great for a player his age.
I don’t think he had as much impact as other midfielders/wingers but that’s mainly due to his competition being outstanding.
Who knows? If he played for a better club he may have gotten more attention.

It’s an interesting situation with him and Liverpool btw. What do they do with him now? Integrate him into the team or go on another loan? Klopp could borrow a trick from Pep and Foden.

Nah I just read the odd article on that one.