Football League thread

Refs should do this more often lol

You get the impression that a lot of these big mouth footballers are pussies and only abuse the ref and other players because they know there will be no physical retribution.

Will be a sweet, sweet day when a referee lamps Azpilitwata in the face hole


Forest beat Blackburn 1-0 in an important game yesterday to slowly move away from that clutch of teams near the foot of the Championship

Big Nige! @DavidHillier

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FFS- shoulda come up the M4

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Rotherham’s kit looks like ours.

In fact, I’m going to go one further and say Rotherham adorn the red n white better than we do.

Imagine watching Rotherham over the Champions League

Imagine having Sky and not BT.

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Forest win at Rotherham. Now 10 clear of relegation.

Entertaining game for a 0-1 away win.

Imagine not having both


Tbh sky ain’t worth it any more either.

When I first got it, it had PL, FA Cup, League Cup, lower league games, la Liga, SPL, the Charity Shield, England qualifying internationals and then they also acquired CL football.

Look at how much they’ve lost. And we’re paying more!

Yeah true, I usually lose my temper with virgin media until they give me a sports bundle I’m happy with

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BT Sport free on Virgin though. I used to pay nearly £30 a month for it on Sky


Mick doing well


Crazy to think Ipswich fans wanted rid of him. A perfect example of careful what you wish for if ever there was one.

Big Mick > little Mik

An even better one is when Wolves sacked him and got double relegated.

Always been a solid manager has Big Mick.


Difference is weren’t wolves on the slide already with Mick? Whereas at Ipswich he was doing a sterling job on a charity shop budget.

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They weren’t on a double relegation slide under him. They sacked him without a plan, installed Terry Connor then a series of jokers and paid the price. Burnley can fuck off and that but I always admired the way the kept Dyche in the job post relegation and were rewarded by a quick PL return. Even if they’d gone down no way Wolves under Mick end up in league one.