Football League thread


Bolton-Leeds 2-3. Wood with 1 goal and 1 assist.


On loan from Chelsea :rofl:


Cahill off as well! Dirty Chavski players!


Second round-up last weekend and there are 4 teams at the top with 6 points: Cardiff, Wolverhampton, Nottingham Forest and Ipswich. Hull and Sunderland, who were predicted to have a shit season, are just behind with 4 points. Derby, Sheffield, Reading, Villa and Norwich are struggling, instead.


Midweek’s round up today and tomorrow.


A trio is leading the table atm: Cardiff, Ipswich and Wolverhampton. Middlesbrough are just behind them, while Villa are in crisis.


Sunderland leading Sheffield Wednesday, while Norwich draw.
2-0 Norwich FT. 1-1 between Sheffield and Sunderland, instead.


My mate works for Wycombe wanderers and has just started to a YouTube channel, has asked me a million times to share this on Facebook but I don’t use it so if you’ve got a minute please subscribe or watch a video or something


Fulham have signed our former player and José Fonte’s brother Rui Fonte from Braga.


Burton-Birmingham today.


1-0 Birmingham at HT.
Burton score 2 in the second half to claim their first win in the league.


Sheffield leading Barnsley at HT.


Also 2 red cards in that match. Clarke grabbed Macdonald by the throat so Macdonald head butted him :see_no_evil:


1-0 Sheffield FT.


Villa are finally winning. 2-0 at HT against Norwich. Derby are climbing up the table with the 2-0 against Bolton. Ipswich still going strong, while Fulham, Sheffield Wednesday and Reading can’t kickstart their seasons. Nottingham-Boro 1-0.


Ipswich and Cardiff are still with a 100% record. Nottingham are third after beating Boro (Monk’s side are shit away from home). Second win in a row for Derby, while first win for Sheffield and Villa. Sunderland-Leeds now.


1-0 Leeds HT.


2-0 Leeds FT.


Bristol City-Aston Villa and Hull-Bolton today. Must-win game for Hull after 2 defeats in a row.


Hull on the brink of relegation.